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Dr. Z's Pick of the Week

Last year's flukiest rivalry? Jacksonville-Tennessee. In Week 1 the Jags were big favorites at home. Tennessee won it straight up, 13--10, rushing for 282 yards. The Titans never had put up that many. The Jags never had given up that much. They met again in November in Tennessee. Both were hustling for wild-card berths, but Jags QB David Garrard was out with a sprained ankle. Time to tap the Titans, right? Jacksonville (above, Maurice Jones-Drew) won in a breeze, 28--13, stopping Tennessee's runners cold.

Now I'll tell you why I like the visiting Jaguars this Sunday: their pass rush. They sacked Vince Young four times in their win last year and added edge rushers Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves in the draft. This will be a Jacksonville season dedicated to chasing enemy QBs. The Jags will give Young a rough afternoon. I also see them getting 400 yards of offense. Next time around, in Jacksonville, it could be completely different, of course. It's that kind of rivalry.

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