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The Interview
Tiger Woods
He's limping at home on his surgically repaired left knee but walks just finein the Tiger Woods PGA Tour '09 video game

Dan Patrick:Let's just get it out in the open. In your condition I think I could beat youin golf.

Tiger Woods: Thisis very true. I could maybe take you in Putt-Putt. That's about it.

DP: Have you beenputting?

TW: No. I've beencleared to do that now if I want to, but there's really no need.

DP: What'stougher for you: to miss playing in a major or to lose in a major?

TW: It'scertainly much more difficult not being able to compete.

DP: I saw thevideo game. I thought there would be a special button we could push to have youlimp. Did EA Sports think about putting that in?

TW: No, golly no.I hope I never have to go through that again. [Laughs.]

DP: Have youlooked at video of the U.S. Open?

TW: I've onlyseen a highlight package from it. It's frustrating for me to watch because Ididn't realize I was that hurt. You're in the moment.

DP: At the U.S.Open someone told me that if you weren't in contention, you probably weren'tgoing to try to play on Saturday or Sunday. Any truth to that?

TW: That iscompletely false.

DP: Best andworst day since the U.S. Open?

TW: Probably theworst day was right after the procedure, just the uncomfortableness of thewhole thing. Best day is probably every day I get to spend with [14-month-olddaughter] Sam and watch her grow. And she's making fun of me because she'sactually running faster than me and always looking back to see if I'm stillcoming.

DP: What part offatherhood is better than you thought it was going to be?

TW: Truelove.

DP: She looks atyou and you know that...?

TW: Yes, that'sit.

DP: Best win ofyour career?

TW: Probably theone I just had, with all the things I had to endure.

DP: Best golferin the world today?

TW: Probablyeither Phil [Mickelson] or Paddy [Harrington]. Paddy's just won two majors buthasn't had the number of high finishes that Phil has had over a longerperiod.

DP: Can I circlea date when you're coming back?

TW: I wish Iknew.

Nine the HardWay

ANYONE WHO PLAYEDbaseball as a kid remembers going up against a pitcher who made your kneesknock. It's a great memory, isn't it? The kids in New Haven, Conn., will neverknow. Officials there ruled that then nine-year-old Jericho Scott couldn'tpitch Little League because he throws too hard (40 mph). When Scott's teamrefused to change his position, the league disbanded the team. Then lawyerswere called in, and the story became everything it shouldn't be. I asked theN.Y. Rangers' Chris Drury—he was the winning pitcher in the 1989 Little LeagueWorld Series—about it, and he said the reaction should have been, "Grab abat and see if you can hit this kid. That's what sports is all about."

(New Haven Little League remix)

Don't put me in,Coach, I'm not ready to play, today
Don't put me in, Coach, I'm not ready to play, today
If Jericho Scott throws at me, I won't be, centerfield

Here's a Tip

MAYBE THE oddestnews story out of Beijing: Jason Kidd gave his gold medal to Elaine Wynn, wifeof Las Vegas hotelier Steve, as thanks for what must have been a really niceroom. If he were going to hand the medal off to someone, these might have beenbetter choices.

• RENALDO WYNN Norelation to Steve, but at least the Giants defensive end is an athlete.

• LIU XIANG, theinjured Chinese hurdler. You want to pay back some hosts, how about the hostnation?

• MARK CUBAN SoKidd can say he won something for the Mavs' owner who bet the ranch on him.

• MICHAEL PHELPSIn case he loses one.

1972: Now andForever

ROGER GOODELLsounds intent on expanding the NFL schedule to 17 or 18 games. If thishappens—Goodell told me it would be 2010 at the earliest—it's another win forthe 1972 Dolphins. This would make it even harder for another team to beperfect: more games to win, and more weeks for undefeated teams to think aboutresting starters. Nick Buoniconti and friends should pop another cork.

THE FINE PRINT:Details of the Bengals' new contract with Chris Henry. It's for two years, butwith good behavior he'll be out in one.

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