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The next timesomeone brings up the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED cover jinx, you should show them theOlympic Preview and then your Aug. 18 issue, both of which feature swimmerMichael Phelps. Two covers, eight gold medals and all those world records. Thatis a jinx that I would love to be a part of.
Randy Knecht, Buffalo City, Wis.

Eight gold medalsfor Michael Phelps but "only" seven world records. I guess the jinxlives.
John Deushane, Alpharetta, Ga.

I very muchadmire Phelps's Olympic achievements (Gold Mind, Aug. 18), but more creditshould be going to Jason Lezak for swimming the anchor leg in the monumentalcome-from-behind victory for the U.S. 4√ó100 free relay team. Although Beijingwill be remembered as Phelps's Olympics, the key moment in this Olympiad wasLezak's Lunge.
Bob Stomber, Basking Ridge, N.J.

Wow! Until I gotmy latest SI, I had absolutely no idea there were athletes in Beijing competingin sports other than beach volleyball, swimming or gymnastics. Come on, NBC.What about the other athletes who have devoted their lives to becoming the bestin the world? I know nothing about fencing, but man, wouldn't it have been coolto see Mariel Zagunis, Sada Jacobson and Becca Ward sweep in sabre for the U.S.(Sabre Sisters, Aug. 18)? Thanks, SI, from those of us who want to knowsomething more than whether Michael Phelps won his heat or that the beachvolleyball girls went to see the Great Wall of China.
Joe Vierhile, Indianapolis

I have to laughat the people who are criticizing certain less-mainstream Olympic competitionsfor not being "true sports." Most likely these critics are the kind of"sports fans" who haven't left the couch in years.
Christina Farrall, Gypsum, Colo.

I agree withSelena Roberts that we should not ramp up our spending on Olympic training(POINT AFTER, Aug. 18), even if our program becomes second to China's. Morespending on the Olympics means less spending elsewhere. I take pride in ourathletic accomplishments, but I would be even prouder if no one in this countrywanted for health care or a decent education.
Paul Agathen, Washington, Mo.

G-Rated Seats

Dan Patrickquestions the viability of the NFL's new fan rules of conduct (JUST MY TYPE,Aug. 18) and suggests that the NFL institute family-friendly sections. As thefounder of the Redskins' Hogettes and a member of the Professional FootballUltimate Fan Association, I ask, Dan, who are you kidding? Few families of fourcan afford NFL tickets, parking, food and drink costs. And then if they do makeit to the game, they are confronted with foul language? PFUFA endorses the newNFL fan policy. The whole stadium should be "family friendly."
Michael Mayne Torbert, Fairfax, Va.

Moody's ManyMoods

Regarding JackNicklaus's comment about the late Orville Moody being a terrific guy with a drysense of humor (PLAYERS, Aug. 18), let me quote directly from SI's profile ofthe golfer in 1970: "Tell you one thing," Moody says. "Kent Stateand the rest. I'm gettin' sick of it. Next time they try somethin', might savemore lives in the long run if we get out the machine guns and shoot 'bout 50 ofthem fools. That'll stop 'em hollerin'. I wish the President would make anamendment to the Constitution to say, All right, you can demonstrate, but we'regonna shoot you if you do. That'd stop them pussyfooters." Yeah, Jack, thatOrville, what a card!
Jeff Kisseloff, New Paltz, N.Y.

Brett's JetWorth

As a lifelongGreen Bay Packers fan I thoroughly enjoyed having Brett Favre as ourquarterback all those years and delighted in his frequent heroics and hispassion for the game. At the same time I'm sure I had company when I moaned infrustration as he threw yet another interception at a critical point in aplayoff game. As the drama played out over these past few weeks, it seemedalmost no one in the national media had the courage to say that, despite lastyear's regular-season stats, Favre's best seasons were far behind him. I'm gladPaul Zimmerman (Brett Propelled, Aug. 18) finally pointed out the emperor'slack of clothes in recent years.
Dennis Durham, Santa Rosa, Calif.

In my 27 years asa Jets season-ticket holder, I've had almost nothing to get excited about. Iwas finally a little excited when they got Favre. Then I read Dr. Z's article.If he's right, my season should be over, as usual, before Halloween.
Jay Lombardo, Cliffside Park, N.J.

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