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SI, July 28, 2008 Update

EVEN AS BarryBonds hopes to return to the big leagues—at an Aug. 9 appearance at 3Com Parkhe reminded the crowd, "I haven't retired"—government lawyers arefocused on the home run king's day in court. Bonds is set to go on trial onMarch 2, charged with lying to a grand jury about his use of steroids, and theprosecution might be bolstered by testimony from Greg Anderson, Bonds's formertrainer who served three months in prison for distributing steroids and moneylaundering.

Anderson has sofar refused to testify about Bonds (and thus spent a year in prison forcontempt), and so the development, as revealed by The New York Times and theSan Francisco Chronicle, that Anderson's mother-in-law, Madeleine Gestas, isbeing investigated by U.S. attorneys for possible tax violations, is seen bysome as a tactic that could pressure Anderson to testify. Anderson's wife,Nicole, had previously received a letter saying she could be charged withconspiracy to commit a crime, and her lawyer, Charles Smith, told the Timesthat targeting the women is "unfair." The tangled, ugly situation is areminder of why a still dangerous slugger can't find a job.



BAGGAGE HANDLER Bonds (on Aug. 9) says he's not retired.