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Stewart Mandel's Three-Point Stance

1 The NCAA needs to reevaluate its criteria for excessive celebration after last Saturday's controversial flag on Washington QB Jake Locker. It's admirable to curb unsportsmanlike behavior, but not if a harmless toss of a ball can cost a team a game.

2 The Big East has taken a big step back. Only two teams, South Florida and Connecticut, made it through the first two weeks unscathed, with mid-majors getting the better of West Virginia (which lost to East Carolina), Pittsburgh (Bowling Green) and Rutgers (Fresno State).

3 Notre Dame's Charlie Weis, whose team struggled to put away San Diego State, has to beat Michigan this week. A coach with three straight top 10 recruiting classes has no excuse for losing to a 1--1 team in the midst of an awkward coaching transition.