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September 22, 2008 Table Of Contents

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Never Can Say Goodbye

Are two Hall of Fame coaches hurting their legacies by refusing to retire?

By Phil Taylor


For the Record

Justin Morneau


As told to Ben Reiter

Great Pretenders

Beware of "stars" met in bars

By Pablo S. Torre

Different Strokes

Michael Phelps makes a splash on SNL

By Adam Duerson

Book Watch

By Stephen Cannella

Faces in the Crowd

SI. Sept. 15, Point After Update

By Joe Lemire

Week Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Sarah Kwak

Just My Type

By Dan Patrick


35--3 for USC (Déj√† Vu for OSU)

With new passer Mark Sanchez and an unproven offensive line performing well in their first important test, top-ranked USC was its usual brilliant self in becoming the latest team to expose Ohio State in a big-game situation

By Austin Murphy

Getting Down to Business

Three matchups featuring SEC teams will help shape the national title race

By Ben Reiter

No Trojan Wars

Judging by the play of the rest of the Pac-10 last weekend, USC should cruise to the BCS title game

By Phil Taylor


Test of Mettle

Shaken by the injury to Tom Brady, nursing a bad knee and suddenly vulnerable behind a patchwork offensive line, Peyton Manning is confronting the greatest challenge of his career

By Lee Jenkins

Titanic Turmoil

If it's just the boos that are bothering Vince Young, does he really have the temperament to lead an NFL team?

By Jim Trotter


The Next Step For Steph

Davidson's Stephen Curry was the breakout star of the Big Dance, but even after hobnobbing with LeBron, he's still adjusting to his sudden celebrity—and to his new position

By Grant Wahl


It's Gone! Goodbye!

The last home run in the House That Ruth Built will be hit this week; then the wrecking ball will take its cuts at Yankee Stadium. The walls of this American monument do talk, and it has a few final secrets to share

By Tom Verducci


Inside: The Week In Sports

Man With a Plan

Andrew Friedman brilliantly added all the right pieces to the Rays, and for that, he is SI's top executive of '08

By Jon Heyman

Baseball Prospectus Unconventional Wisdom

By Joe Sheehan

The Long View

A trusted scout persuaded the Patriots to take a chance on Matt Cassel in April 2005—and the payoff comes now

By Peter King

Dr. Z's: Pick of the Week

By Paul Zimmerman

Second Thoughts

It's still early, but two games can go a long way toward separating the stars from the stiffs

By David Sabino

Adults Only

In a hole after one race of the Chase, Kyle Busch can prove that he has, in fact, matured enough to find a way out

By Mark Beech

Is This the Year?

Slowly but surely, coach Bobby Johnson has stocked Vanderbilt with the talent needed to end 25 straight years of losing

By Lars Anderson

Stewart Mandel's Three-Point Stance

By Stewart Mandel

Point After

The Prying Game

By Selena Roberts


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