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SI Players, June 9, 2008 Update

JOSE CANSECO'S first foray into the square circle didn't go so well. The ex-slugger turned exposé author was knocked out in one round last July by ex--NFL kick returner turned sportscaster Vai Sikahema. So for his next bout, the 6'4" Canseco set his sights a little lower: 5'6" ex--child star turned reality show staple Danny Bonaduce. At the finish of the three one-minute rounds last Saturday, Canseco was still on his feet, but the result was just as embarrassing: a draw.

The 49-year-old Bonaduce, a black belt in the martial arts discipline Tang Soo Do, predicted that he would be knocked out, and he appeared at peace with that fate when he was photographed just before the bout skipping rope with a cigarette dangling from his lips. But he withstood everything Canseco, 44, threw at him, to the delight of the fans in Aston, Pa., a suburb of Philadelphia, where Bonaduce hosts a morning talk radio show.

One judge scored the fight 2--1 for Canseco, while the other two had it 1--1 with one round even. "For a guy my size to hit him like that and he didn't go down, wow," said Canseco, who, like Bonaduce, was to earn $2 for each pay-per-view sale. (The bout was $9.99.) "If he were my size, he probably would have knocked me out of the ring."



TATTOO YOU Despite a huge size advantage, Canseco (left) couldn't drop Bonaduce.