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JaMarcus Russell needs to understand that he'll never be successful in anything if he doesn't learn how to take responsibility for his actions. If he wants to play in the NFL, he should be working out and selling himself to any team that will take him, even teams outside the NFL.

Donny Martin, Charlotte

I read your article about JaMarcus Russell (The Man Who Isn't There, Oct. 31) twice, trying to figure out why he is so disliked, and for the life of me I don't understand. Fans support other troubled players, who have committed crimes like assault or illegal possession of a firearm, but then get up in arms over a little youthful laziness. Russell is better off away from people whose values are so distorted.

Allison Brammer, Minneapolis

Your article on Russell made me look past popular belief and view the fallen star as more than a caricature. Russell seems to be honest about what went wrong in Oakland, and that is certainly better than being cagey.

Connor Hammond

Oakville, Ont.

Safety First

I believe the media gives far too much credit to NASCAR for being on the cutting edge of racing safety after Dale Earnhardt's fatal crash in 2001 (SCORECARD, Oct. 31). For example, the HANS device was developed in the 1980s and was first worn by Jim Downing while driving in the IMSA racing series. CART later adopted it in 2000. The SAFER wall was first sponsored by the IRL in 1998 and was installed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in time for the 2002 Indianapolis 500.

Donald Allen, Urbana, Ill.

Who's to Blame?

Charlie Davies's lawsuit against Red Bull and Das Enterprises (SCORECARD, Oct. 31) claims the defendants are at fault because they served alcohol to Maria Espinoza even though she was visibly intoxicated. However, Davies readily admits that even he was not aware of how drunk Ms. Espinoza was when he got into the car with her at the wheel. While I feel for Davies and the other victims, this is an obvious contradiction. How can Davies expect the defendants to recognize how intoxicated Ms. Espinoza was when he himself wasn't able to?

Todd Marshall, Henderson, Nev.

Unhappy Nation

Thank you for your open letter to Red Sox fans (SCORECARD, Oct. 31). Red Sox Nation needed to be reminded that there is no crying in baseball; you either put up or shut up. The Cubs have not won the World Series in more than 100 years, so kudos to them for going after Theo Epstein to try to turn things around. The Nation needs to just stop whining, stop bashing Epstein and Terry Francona, and stop trying to blame everyone for the collapse.

Chris Bernholdt, Devon, Pa.

The Rest of You need to keep in mind that we in Red Sox Nation are freaks. We know it and we bask in it. We love Fenway more than we love mom and apple pie. We can't stand it when our players aren't into winning as much as we are. We won't sit back quietly when our G.M. takes a hike because he can no longer handle the pressure. We will holler about the debacle of 2011 until we take our last breath.

Susie Daniels, Nashville




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Which team had the most disappointing performance during NFL Week 10?

Demetrius Simmons (@1AmbitiousDude): Hands down it was Joe Flacco and the Ravens. How do you come off a playoff-type win at Pittsburgh and then go to Seattle and lay a goose egg the following week? #notcool

RevChuck Flynn: I was mostly disappointed with the Lions' coaches for leaving Matt Stafford in the game for as long as they did when he was clearly having an off day with that broken finger. Backup QB Sean Hill would have done better mainly because he is healthy.

GG Dream Cakes (@MzDreamCakesTTU): The Jets, because they barely showed up to play against the Patriots. Their matchup was supposed to be like Ali vs. Frazier II. Instead it was like Ali vs. Buster Douglas.

Alex Gonzalez (@SoHHClassick): The Chiefs! Can someone explain to me how you lose to a team like the Broncos when they completed only two passes for the entire game?

Gary Ball: Can you say Falcons, with their stupid idea to go for it on fourth-and-inches from their own 29?