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Robert Griffin III


The Heisman Trophy--winning quarterback out of Baylor dazzled at the NFL scouting combine and is forecast to be a top five pick in the draft.

DAN PATRICK:What does your 4.41 time in the 40 mean to the scouts and G.M.'s at the NFL combine?

ROBERT GRIFFIN III: It means I add another level to the game. As far as the scouts go, it either affirms what they thought or I'm faster than they thought.

DP:Could you take Michael Vick in the 40?

RG: I think Vick gets me to the 20. I get him to the 40.

DP:So you're faster than Vick?

RG: He's a little bit quicker than I am and starts going a little bit faster. At this stage I think I could get him. Fresh out of college, there was nobody faster than Michael Vick.

DP:Do you think the Wonderlic test should have more to do with football?

RG: I think it should have football-related questions. But that's beside the point.

DP:Give me one of the questions.

RG: There are five pads selling for 21 cents a pad. How much money are you spending on those pads?

DP:Did you get that one right?

RG: [Laughs] Yes, I got that one.

DP:How many team interviews did you have?

RG: I did nine formal interviews, three informal.

DP:Did anyone ask you if you were a dog or a cat?

RG: No, I actually got that on another psychological test.

DP:What was your answer?

RG: Dog. Dogs are more aggressive than cats. But cats are pretty agile.

DP:You were quoted as saying you'd be honored to hold Peyton Manning's clipboard. True?

RG: Yes, that's accurate.

DP:You'd be fine sitting out a year or two?

RG: I didn't say [that], but if you lose the starting quarterback job to Peyton Manning, I don't think that's anything to shake your head about. I would definitely hold that clipboard and learn from him over that year, the next or whenever he decided to stop playing.

DP:Did you talk to Andrew Luck?

RG: We just said, "Hey, what's up." We were trying to figure out how each other was doing and making sure we were getting the numbers we wanted to get. We didn't have any deep conversations.

DP:Are you and Luck competitive over who goes first?

RG: It's definitely a competition, no matter what anyone says. At the end of the day [though], no matter who gets drafted first, it doesn't change the players that we are.

DP:Where is your Heisman Trophy?

RG: My parents took it recently.

DP:Did you think about bringing the trophy to interviews at the combine to impress people?

RG: That's a lot of carrying around.

DP:Did you have a favorite team growing up?

RG: I watched John Elway and Terrell Davis tear it up in Denver, so I'm a Broncos fan.

DP:You're not going to Denver.

RG: I've come to that conclusion.

DP:Would you rather run a 5-flat 40 but have Aaron Rodgers's arm or run a 4.5 40 and have an average arm?

RG: [Laughs] I'd rather run a 4.3 and have the arm that I have.

"When you want to go out with your buddies and have a good time, your 'restrictor plate' slows you down."

—Dale Earnhardt Jr., giving an example of a NASCAR driver's term for an overprotective spouse

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Vikings running back Adrian Peterson didn't want to give away his team's draft strategy, but he lit up when I mentioned USC offensive tackle Matt Kalil. "When that question came out of your mouth," Peterson said, "that's the name that popped up in my mind."... Former Raiders executive and current NFL Network analyst Michael Lombardi told me that being informed is the key to combine interviews: "I would say to the player, 'I know every answer to every question I'm going to ask you. I just want to see if you're gonna lie.'"... Danica Patrick drives for Tony Stewart's racing team, but the defending NASCAR champ won't give her a break. I wondered if Stewart would nudge her car on the final lap. "I'm going to do something to win the race," Stewart said. "I'll say sorry later."... I asked David Feherty whom he'd most like to interview for his eponymous show on the Golf Channel. "Bill Murray," Feherty said. "He's one of the most important characters in golf over the last 50 years. He did so much to scrub off golf's polished image."