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The Heisman runner-up is expected to be the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft on April 26 but is just a regular student at Stanford for now.

DAN PATRICK:Did you fill out a bracket?

ANDREW LUCK: No. I did it one year in high school and lost, like, $20 and decided I wouldn't do it again.

DP:You ran your 40 at the NFL Combine a little faster than people expected?

AL: A little faster than I ever expected.

DP:Was that the fastest 40 you've ever run?

AL: Absolutely.

DP:You blew people away with your last long throw into the wind at your Pro Day. Why did you even make that throw?

AL: That was per request by a couple of scouts. I decided, Why not?

DP:How far can you throw without the wind?

AL: Probably around 70 yards.

DP:You met with the Redskins. Did you at least get dinner out of it?

AL: I did not. We sat around and talked. It was very interesting. Very productive. They talked about the franchise. I talked a lot about myself. We had a good conversation.

DP:Yeah, but you expect to go to the Colts, don't you?

AL: I hope so, but that's a decision they have to make. We'll see what they do.

DP:Have you started negotiations yet?

AL: I have not.

DP:Did they tell you they're taking you?

AL: They have not said those words yet.

DP:Did they tell you anything to lead you to believe they are?

AL: I don't know. I've talked to Coach [Chuck] Pagano. I've talked to Coach [Clyde] Christensen. I understand they have their work to do. If it works out, great. If it doesn't, great.

DP:How would you feel if Tim Tebow was your backup?

AL: I think it'd be a good situation. From all I've heard he's a great guy. He's a good football player. The chance to compete with him would be great.

DP:You know the backup quarterback is always the most popular guy in town.

AL: That's what my dad [Oliver] always told me, [speaking]as a career backup quarterback.

DP:Will you and Robert Griffin III be compared to each other over your careers like Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf?

AL: With the media today you're always going to be compared to your peers. I'm sure it will be a classic comparison. In my mind that's driven almost 100 percent by the media. I've gotten to know Robert pretty well. Big fan of his. I'll probably always be a big fan unless we're playing each other head-to-head. He's a great guy.

DP:Do you have any classes at Stanford left?

AL: I'm starting school again April 2, my last two classes before we graduate. We'll be done in June.

DP:Is it hard to go to class with all the attention you're getting?

AL: The great thing about the Stanford community is that they couldn't care less about the jock football player. They have royalty. Clintons have gone here. So many famous people doing things in their own right. No one bothers the quarterback too much.

DP:Do you know what you're going to wear to the draft?

AL: No. I have a terrible fashion sense. I have two suits. I'm going to let my mom pick.

"Why do movie stars marry other movie stars? Because they know what it's like to live in that fishbowl. John Elway won Super Bowls at ages 37 and 38. Peyton Manning wants to do that."

—Shannon Sharpe, former Bronco, on why Denver landed the free-agent quarterback


CBS analyst Clark Kellogg is at peace with John Calipari relying on one-and-done players at Kentucky. "He has embraced what the landscape is," Kellogg said. "From a basketball standpoint, it's a terrific job by him and those kids." ... I asked Lakers G.M. Mitch Kupchak who's better, Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum. "They're the two best centers in the NBA," Kupchak said. "Dwight has a much larger body of work to choose from. We're hoping in a year or two there's a debate on which guy is better." ... Ohio State basketball coach Thad Matta told me he wants to have more fun at the Final Four than he did in 2007, when his Buckeyes lost the title game. "When the final horn sounded, I looked around and [thought,] What just happened?" Matta said. "[This time] I'm going to take five minutes and soak it all in." ... Bob Knight created a stir by not saying the word Kentucky while analyzing the NCAA tournament on ESPN. Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said he has no problem with that: "He's Bob Knight. He can do what he wants to do. He's earned that right."