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Trouble on the Line

Like March Madness, April badness was broadcast live to the nation

In the wee hours of April 3, after Kentucky wrapped up its national title with a 67--59 win over Kansas, riots predictably ensued, this time on the Wildcats' Lexington campus. Deplorable? Definitely. But, for the tech savvy, the mayhem provided an engaging postscript to a title match whose result was never really in question. Fans discovered that a live stream of Lexington's police radio could be accessed online and began tweeting the chaos (mostly torched couches and overturned cars), making #LexingtonPoliceScanner the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter. Here's a sampling of what you may have heard had you tuned in.

"We got a woman in a tree throwing empty beer containers, yelling 'F--- Kansas.' Request backup."

"The prisoner isn't going to fit in the car. Alert the wagon."

"Subject is surfing on top of a car."

"Either they've found their pants or they went inside."

"Let them light off the fireworks as long as they're not lighting at somebody else."

"Subject is wearing blue, has on no shoes and is most likely drunk."

"We have couch debris."

"Maintain squad integrity! Maintain squad integrity! ... Hey, get out of that tree!"

"We have a partially nude male with a propane tank."

"We have two male subjects running naked, yelling 'Wildcats' and starting fires. Proceed with caution."

"Female ... advises that her husband is breaking things in the house."

"The box fire won't go out. They put cooking oil in it."

"We've got a seven-piece sectional on fire."

"They're trying to break a tree."

"Couch is no longer on fire, but it melted the road."