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Photograph by John W. McDonough

BATTLE OF THE ELEMENTS Heat! Thunder! A scorching LeBron! The booming brilliance of KD! The most anticipated Finals since Celtics-Lakers got under way last week, with LeBron (near right) and Miami weathering consecutive late, furious Durant-led runs in Games 2 and 3 to take a 2--1 lead over the Western Conference champs (page 46).


Photograph by Ian Walton/Getty Images

THE RAIN AND THE PAIN IN UKRAINE Storm clouds rolled menacingly, but no longer dangerously, over Ukraine's Donbass Arena in the aftermath of a Biblical downpour that delayed last Friday's France-Ukraine Euro 2012 match for nearly an hour. Calm restored, Les Bleus easily dispatched the home team 2--0.


Photograph by Mike Blinch/Reuters

A GOOD WALK ROILED Famed tightrope walker Nik Wallenda had a just gorge-ous view of Horseshoe Falls last Friday, when he became the first person to walk directly over the Niagara falls. The King of the Wire—who wore a tether at the request of ABC, which broadcast the stunt—needed a little more than 25 minutes to make the turbulent 1,500-foot trek.