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FOR AUG. 15, 2016

Joe Sheehan's defense of Alex Rodriguez is outrageous (SCORECARD). A mistake in baseball is throwing to the wrong base, missing a sign, forgetting the count. Knowingly using banned performance-enhancing drugs is not "a mistake." It is cheating. Everything he accomplished in the sport is permanently tarnished.

Ron Siemers, Houston

Imagine if Nolan Ryan was told he needed to take hormones to slow his fastball because his was too hard to hit. Unless Caster Semenya is proved to have lied about her sexual identity or to have used performance-enhancers (Engendering Debate), her competitors should be told to just deal with it.

Laurence Siegel, Manteno, Ill.

Pete Thamel's profile on Josh Rosen left me very unimpressed. It seems that the quarterback's antics and bravado off the field are interfering with his potential to be better, both as an athlete and as a representative of his university.

Sara Nguyen, Plymouth Meeting, Pa.


Excited to find the College Football Preview in my mailbox, I was ready to ponder the question on the cover: Where's Your School? The disappointing answer? Not in your issue. I guess the SI universe doesn't extend beyond the Top 25.

Mike Challman

Wayne, Pa.



Just because Michael Vick is allowed to own a dog doesn't mean he should. While all people can learn and grow from mistakes, a person's character is shown in how he treats the voiceless. How well he throws a football doesn't change that.

Lisa Harrison

Lansing, Mich.



My thanks to Franz Lidz for sharing his sweet reminiscence. I felt bad that he lost his day in the limelight, but I felt so very good after reading it. Storytelling doesn't get much better than that.

Jim Valvoda

London, Tenn.


In a photo in The Metrics System in the Aug. 22 issue, we incorrectly identified Paul Goldschmidt as Jake Lamb. SI regrets the error.




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