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FOR APRIL 17--24, 2017

According to your report on the recovery of Tom Brady's missing jersey, taxpayer-supported resources from the FBI, three U.S. Attorney's offices, the Houston police, Massachusetts state troopers, the U.S. embassy in Mexico and the U.S. Attorney General's office were used to retrieve a $200 jersey, which had been stolen due to the incompetence of the multibillion-dollar NFL, so it could be returned to a man who made $44 million in 2016. Now that's a crime worth investigating.

Peter Albrecht, Mobile

The thought-provoking series of What If? vignettes was one of the most creative things SI has done in years. Still, when I saw the iconic photo of the 1980 U.S. men's hockey team redone with bright-red Soviet uniforms and flag, I got a catch in my throat. Some things just aren't meant to be What If'd.

Chris Traczek, Bolingbrook, Ill.

What if, like Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio, Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller hadn't given up his prime years to serve our country?

Paul Durica, Cleveland

What if

Moses Malone had kept his commitment to Maryland and to coach Lefty Dreisell in 1974?

Robert Yost, Winter Haven, Fla.

What if

Len Bias had lived to play for the Celtics?

Michael Libys, Lakeland, Fla.

What if

Indians shortstop Ray Chapman had survived being hit by a pitch in 1920? His wife, Kathleen, would not have been widowed and gone on to marry Joseph Francis McMahon. She would not have given birth to Joe Jr., who wouldn't have gone on to start his own family. Joe McMahon III would not have met my mother, and subsequently, I would not be writing this letter. So it is very odd for me to wonder ... what if?

Joseph Francis McMahon IV, Manhattan Beach, Calif.


Alan Shipnuck's juxtaposition of quotes from Bobby Jones with reporting on Sergio García's win at the Masters was a beautiful piece of writing (Viva, Sergio). It showed how sports offer glimpses of things beyond our understanding—perfect for this Easter season.

Vic Laws

Salisbury, Md.



I found Jim Gorant's case for fewer Cowboys on TV to be a little thin. In the history of NFL broadcasting there have been hundreds of ex-players and coaches in the booths. He cites only 16 Cowboys, including Mike Ditka. In fact, referencing Ditka as a Cowboy is even more of a stretch than Gorant's argument.

Brian Prince

Astoria, N.Y.


Partway through the story by L. Jon Wertheim on Japanese baseball sensation Shohei Otani(Have It Both Ways), I thought I was reading about Sidd Finch.

Grant Westbrook

Marengo, Ohio




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