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Had it not been the Patriots and had it not been Tom Brady, the front-runner for MVP, it would have been just a cut—a bizarre minor injury on a QB's throwing hand, a bullet point at the bottom of an AP story, quickly forgotten. Instead, we got days of drama.

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 17, 12:38 P.M. EST

Brady stretches at practice in Foxborough, hands dangling, ungloved, at his sides.

3:18 P.M.

New England announces, "Tom Brady is with our medical staff and will not be available to the media today."

5:58 P.M.

The Boston Herald: Brady was run into at practice; The Boston Globe, later: He was hurt making a handoff.


Brady is spotted at practice wearing two red gloves. Photographic forensic experts go to work.

2:32 P.M.

Teammates say Brady "looked good" in practice; he doesn't speak. Later, reporters learn the QB did not participate.

FRIDAY, 9:13 A.M.

Belichick, asked if Brady will be a game-time decision: "Today's Friday." WBZ-FM reports that Brady got four stitches.


The NFL Network reports that RB Rex Burkhead cut Brady. Later, ESPN's Mike Reiss reports the QB got 10 stitches.

SUNDAY, 2:15 P.M.

Brady emerges for warmups with a piece of black tape wrapped on his ungloved throwing hand.

5:53 P.M.

Brady hits Danny Amendola in the back of the end zone for the AFC-title-winning touchdown.

7:21 P.M.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that, actually, it was 12 stitches.