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IT ENDED with an all-too-familiar image—Nick Saban standing in a confetti shower—but last season was a reminder: Innovators, improvisers and risk-takers rule college football. All you have to do is look at the final play of the 2018 championship, when Alabama backup QB—and true freshman—Tua Tagovailoa, inserted into the game by Saban, floated a 41-yard TD pass to secure the Tide's second title in three years. So here are the disruptors and outliers who will shape the 2018--19 season and, along the way, upend college football's world order. There's the NFL-ready junior, a scout's dream, in Houston who announced before this season that he is draft-bound next spring. There's the quarterback in Arizona whose breathtaking arrival last season was unlike anything we've seen; this year the chase for the Heisman may go through him. And there's the Aussie Invasion, a string of punters dominating games all over this country. But we begin with a Clemson foursome who turned down the riches and fame of the NFL to return for another season of college ball. Why? The national title they'll win is a good place to start....