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FOR JULY 30, 2018


Some years ago I was fortunate to have been invited for a tour of the Supreme Court by Anthony Kennedy. Knowing I was a basketball fan, his clerk took me to the fifth floor. I did a double take when I saw Sandra Day O'Connor in her sweats, playing two-on-two with her staff—and, I must say, handling the ball pretty well!

Tim McTighe

Vashon Island, Wash.

At first I thought this was a very creative work of fiction, but I was immediately surprised and entertained to learn about all of the clerks and the justices, as well as their strengths and weaknesses on the basketball court. I noticed that Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not get a mention; however, seeing the illustration with her made me grin. She was digging in to D up any unfortunate ballhandler who came her way.

Anthony Parisi Sanchez

Vineland, N.J.


A successful college career, four WNBA titles and two Olympic golds—all that doesn't explain what makes Lindsay Whalen great. It's called hustle. It's a trait pervasive in the WNBA, and it's about time we all finally appreciate it.

Mike Morton

Gardnerville, Nev.


Francesco Molinari's win at Carnoustie was remarkable. Instead of applauding his victory, though, the piece focused on other major golfers. This spotlight on the big stars is why the game is not growing. It's time to appreciate the amazing winners of now.

Michael Van Gorp

Edina, Minn.


I dislike how the media is trying to make Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo enemies. They were competitive with each other—there's a difference. Pats fans are happy to see Jimmy G thriving. I'm bummed that he got traded, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

TJ Cardona

Framingham, Mass. (via Facebook)


I was struck by the juxtaposition of Mike Trout and Kirk Gibson (July 16-23). Trout is this generation's best player, whose comportment is even more commendable than his baseball ability. Gibson was a beast as a player and as a man. He honed his dominance on the field by being physical and imposing, then, off the field, he cruelly embarrassed others. Where was the media when Gibson was playing?

Michael Garofalo

Aurora, Ill.

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