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SI: You had zero interceptions last season. That bother you?

JN: I don't view picks as most people perceive them. I would rather take someone's fear of me than someone just throwing the ball at me any day. If you don't have that many opportunities, how are you gonna get 'em? I'm going to get my turnovers, the forced fumbles. It doesn't matter.

SI: Do you keep a list of top corners in the league?

JN: For me, you have to have three years under your belt before you're a topflight guy. Before then, you haven't seen all the wide receivers in the league! How can you call yourself that? I always thought I was, and then I started playing all the other receivers, and my thought became an actual fact. When I see guys who have done it a while, and are still doing it to this day, I'll always put them up there.

SI: So, Patrick Peterson?

JN: Absolutely. We're talking about him, talking about [Richard] Sherman, talking about guys who are at the top of their game year to year.

SI: You don't seem like the same old fiery Josh Norman. What's going on?

JN: I evolved, man. You've got to know your weaknesses more than your strengths. So when I travel the world, I try to see things I can bring back and see things for what they can be and not what they are. My world is not so rocky now. I'm laid back. I'm at peace. Things that angered me before, I'm kind of, like, subdued now. I'm trying to make friends.

SI: You weren't heavily recruited out of high school, and then you were a fifth-round pick. You always wanted to get to the top. Now that you're here....

JN: You can't really talk crap about me anymore. I've already accomplished what you said I couldn't do. The only thing that I'm still searching for is that Lombardi Trophy. I'm already Pro Bowl. I already got a contract that's higher than all the other slappies. I still have to work because I got somewhere to be and I got something to hoist.

SI: It's not about the Hall of Fame?

JN: I never told myself that I'm coming to the league to win a gold jacket. Those are immortals of the game. Think of all the people who have played in the National Football League, and only a handful of them are in that cat. I'm just trying to accomplish that feat of winning that Lombardi.