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IT'S BEEN five months since a U.S. Supreme Court decision essentially legalized sports gambling nationwide, and while betting is up and running in Delaware, Mississippi, New Jersey and West Virginia, bills are creeping through other state legislatures. But results from Election Day could accelerate things. Voters in Florida and Idaho will decide on ballot initiatives that could allow for expanded gambling, and a number of gubernatorial races pit candidates who diverge on the issue. In Alabama, Walt Maddox, a Democrat, says profits from sports betting would shore up state coffers. In the close Georgia race, Democrat Stacey Abrams is in favor of sports betting, but only if revenue goes toward need-based aid for college students. In Ohio, both candidates—Democrat Richard Cordray and Republican Mike DeWine—recognize that sports betting is here to stay. In other words, their constituents should be free to lose money betting on the Browns.