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SI Contributing Photographer Al Tielemans: Top 13 World Series Photographs

Philadelphia native and Sports Illustrated contributing photographer Al Tielemans shares 13 of his most memorable World Series moments captured behind the lens.  "As a boy of nine, I watched my first October baseball in the fall of 1972. I saw both League Championship Series go the full five games and in the World Series, I watched the final out settled into the glove of Oakland A’s left fielder Joe Rudi, and immediately after, a dog-pile followed. I can’t recall ever missing a clinching game on TV since, and in 1980, I sat in the upper deck above first base of Veterans Stadium as the hometown Phillies won their first World Series. Ironically, I felt somewhat removed from that experience. My high school baseball team won our district championship earlier that year, and being at the center of a real dog-pile as a catcher, well, I guess proximity to that excitement could not match simply watching it."