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Sports Illustrated detailed report Pete Rose gambling accusations


As gambling charges—and the media—engulfed him, Pete Rose awaited his fate

Michael Jordan Sportsman promo image

The Everywhere Man Alone on the Mountaintop

Despite a few esthetic drawbacks—near baldness, skinny legs, overly long basketball trunks and the continuing tendency to stick out his tongue—we honor Michael Jeffrey Jordan as our Sportsman of the Year for 1991


We Told You So: Venus, Serena Williams Meet in Final for First Time

After years of saying they would dominate the sport, Venus and Serena Williams proved they were on their way by meeting in the Lipton final


In The Driver's Seat

Rookie Michael Jordan has quickly become Chicago's big wheel and the NBA's big deal at the box office


Who's to blame as kids kill kids over Nike's Air Jordans?

In America's cities, kids are killing kids over sneakers and other sports apparel favored by drug dealers. Who's to blame?