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August 30, 1954 Table Of Contents

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Jimmy Jemail's Hot Box

The Question: Who Are The Bigger Liars, Golfers Or Fishermen?

By Jimmy Jemail

Pat On The Back

Pat On The Back

Herewith a salute from the editors to men and women of all ages who have fairly earned the good opinion of the world of sport, regardless of whether they have yet earned its tallest headlines





World's Wildest Horse Race

A team of white oxen haul the palio—racing's oldest prize—around the crowded public square of ancient Siena to prepare the way for a centuries-old contest

The Wonderful World Of Sport

The Big Gray's Last Race

The Boston Massacre

By Robert Creamer

...Giant Jubilation


How Awesome Are The Australians?

They are back again in search of the one trophy that has eluded them most. The experts concede them an excellent chance, but the top U.S. players have a habit of rising to the occasion at Forest Hills.

By William F. Talbert

Man To Watch Is Harry Hopman

By Gerald Holland


Under The Lights

The night game provides on-the-spot customers with a colorful spectacle but our Mr. Smith still suffers from nostalgia for the lazy old sunshine

By Red Smith

19th Hole

19th Hole: Some New Readers Comment On Vol. 1, No. 1

The Great Outdoors

Bear Cubnaping

A hulking mother brown bear glares from her den at four intruders...who have climbed a Kodiak mountain to try to catch her cubs for exhibits at a zoo


On The Town

The praying mantis (above, life-size) is causing panic in the streets

By John O'Reilly

Under 21

Champions Only

The Soapbox Derby makes or breaks the dreams of 151 drivers in a 975-foot downhill dash


New Look At Marblehead

Race Week has changed with the times but is more fun than ever

By Robert N. Bavier Jr.


King In The Cow Palace

Middleweight Champion Bobo Olson remained cool, calm and collected $125,000 for 15 rounds of evening work against Challenger Castellani in San Francisco

By Budd Schulberg

Column Of The Week

Each Week SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Will Reprint On Outstanding Sports Column From A Daily Newspaper. The Writer Will Receive A Prize Of $250.

Columnist Dick Hyland, a great football player in his own day, takes a hard look at the masked faces of the modern stars and wonders what kind of mayhem is taking place on the professional gridiron



Sporting Look

The Jockey Is A Peacock In The World Of Sport

He wears his crazy quilt of colors more for identification than for decoration. Whether he is coming or going, racing fans have no doubt which one of the 2,525 registered stables he represents

Horse Racing


Errard King wins the American Derby to keep the three-year-olds mixed up

By Albion Hughes


Overflowing Cup

Canada's tournament is becoming a sort of Olympic Games of golf

By Herbert Warren Wind

You Should Know: If You Are About To Take Up Golf

You Should Know: If You Are About To Take Up Golf

By The Know-It-All

Coming Events

Coming Events August 27 through September 2


Under The Anheuser-Busch

A new crack bowling team is being readied for action

By Victor Kalman

Under The Anheuser-Busch

A new crack bowling team is being readied for action

By Victor Kalman


The Ladies Loved It

A pioneer among U.S. sports, croquet was the first game played by women

Last Laugh

Last Laugh


Memo From The Publisher

By H. H. S. Phillips Jr.


A roundup of the week's news