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4-left, United Press; right, Ronald E. Stroud, Associated Press
6-European, Theodore J. Brenner
7-left, Mark Kauffman & Hank Walker-LIFE; right, Dean Conger-Denver Post, United Press, Associated Press
14, 15-Drawing by Ajay
22-top, Arthur Shay; bottom, Sue Greenburg
23-top, Courtesy University of Oregon; bottom, Associated Press (2)
26-Toni Frissell-LIFE
26, 27-l. to r., Ylla; bottom, courtesy POPULAR DOGS
28-International, Keystone Press, Associated Press, International, Gisele Freund-Magnum Photos, Drawing by Don Moss
31-bottom, Elliott Erwitt-Magnum
32-Bob Landry-LIFE
35-Bob Williams
38-United Press
43-Drawing by Lou Myers
55-Frank and Joe Scherschel-LIFE
56-The Courier-Journal and Louisville Times
60, 61-top, N.Y. Daily News Photo from Gilloon Agency; bottom, United Press, N.Y. Daily News Photo from Gilloon Agency, Wide World, Underwood & Underwood
62-United Press
67-top right, New York Post Photo