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4-left, Lisa Larsen-LIFE; right, Richard Meek, Courtesy "Flight Photograph," United Press
5-l. to r., Sue Green-berg, Pierre Boulat, International, Alfred Eisenstaedt-LIFE
13-bottom, United Press
14, 15-Drawings by Ajay, Associated Press
23-United Press, Richard Meek
24, 25-top, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Associated Press; bottom, George Harris, Associated Press
26-Publifoto, Associated Press, International
27-Santa Ana Register, Dallas News Photo by Johnny Flynn, Bob Ruskauff Associates, Topical Press
28-Hy Peskin
29-Phil Bath
30-Frank Taylor, Dale C. Schofner, Bob Morgan-Nashville Banner, International, San Francisco Chronicle
39-F. W. Lahrman
43-Guy Gillette
44-Tommy Lee, Allan Grant-Graphic House
45-J. G. Zimmerman
47-Jack N. White, Topical Press Agency
48-top right, United Press
52-Associated Press, Bob Mayette
54-Walter Daran
61-Toni Frissell
62-United Press
72-Pierre Boulat
73-Diagram from THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SPORTS by Frank G. Menke, Copyright 1963 by A. A. Barnes Co., N.Y.