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Usually when dad takes his kid to the ball game, it's a holiday occasion, garnished with a death-defying sequence of peanuts, cracker jack, hot dogs and soda pop. The old man may even indulge temporarily in the paternal prerogative of explaining the game, until a high-pitched counterbarrage of facts and figures straightens him out on who's in charge here.

But when SI Photographer Hy Peskin goes to the park, it's usually on an assignment; and when his son Evan comes along, it's with a camera and a set of shooting orders from dad. Young Evan has been known to gobble a quick hot dog between innings, and he leans toward the Dodgers, a partiality which he somewhat equalizes by wearing a Giant cap around the house. But inside the park, he's all business.

How well he has learned the business, his pictures say for themselves. The two shown here, which appeared in "Spectacle" in our September 13th issue, came out of his trips to Yankee Stadium and the Polo Grounds over the Labor Day weekend. In last week's issue young Evan had two more pictures which you may remember showing Larry Doby making it to third on a headfirst slide.

Evan has been covering stories with his father for five years. He broke into LIFE about a year ago with a shot of Junior Gilliam, followed a week later with one of a rearing Native Dancer, and for good measure came up about the same time with a cover on This Week.

When he's on the job, his slightly unprofessional appearance is against him. After his last Yankee Stadium game Evan scrambled to the hood of an immaculate convertible to get pictures of players being mobbed as they left the clubhouse. A policeman shouted, "Hey, get off there! That's somebody's car." "It's mine," returned Evan, with a true news photographer's coolness.

SI has already hailed some pretty precocious talent, like Tennis Player Earl Buckholz Jr., 13; Diver Marion Park, 14; Trapshooters Vern Grimsley and John Lilly, 13; and Outboard Racer Tommy Makinen, 8, and will doubtless have good reason to honor many more of the younger set in all the weeks and years to come. I imagine a sense of the fitness of things would prevent our editors from saluting the young man whose pictures they used. But perhaps it is not out of place if I offer my own "pat on the back" to 11-year-old sports photographer Evan Peskin.