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Summertime ski jump was brightly floodlit over massive colonnade of Soldier Field but failed to impress overheated Chicago. Only 31,000 persons attended the three-day Norge Ski Club event, plagued by high winds and temperatures which sent artificial snow cascading like a waterfall from the imposing 194-foot tower.

Soviet chess masters Vasily Smyslov and Mikhail Botvinnik (facing camera) led Russian team to its second victory in Hamilton-Russell trophy play—the Olympics of chess—at Amsterdam. Before winning, however, world champion Botvinnik and second-ranking Smyslov each was played to a draw by Netherlands champions J. H. Donner (opposite Smyslov) and Dr. Max Euwe. U.S. team had to forego chance to challenge Russian supremacy after failing to raise funds for trip abroad.

70,000 Thai fans jammed into this rain-drenched arena in Bangkok to see the world bantamweight championship fight between France's Robert Cohen and Thailand's Chamroen Songkitrat. While King Phumiphol and Queen Sirikit looked on, former Thai-style (feet and elbows) boxer Chamroen fought valiantly despite a broken nose against more experienced Queensberry boxer Cohen, who broke his right hand in the fifth round. Rain-drenched crowd, huddled under ponchos, tarpaulins and bed sheets, was so highly partisan even public address system announcer abandoned all pretense of impartiality to cheer for Chamroen, who lost fight by a split decision.

Lady Carrigan, Josephine Abercrombie's six-year-old mare, pranced gaily after succeeding famed Wing Commander as five-gaited world champion at Kentucky State Fair, while Overburdened rider Garland Bradshaw held her trophy.

350-Foot decent was the record set by John Clark-Samazan, shown bobbing tiredly to surface off Santa Catalina Island, Calif. after dive, equipped only with rubber suit, mask and triple tank of oxygen and helium. Previous world record was 306 feet.