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Original Issue


1—Foto Mayo, Grey Villet
2—Halksworth Wheeler's Photo Press Service, Russ Reed-Oakland Tribune, Associated Press, Dick Musto
12—Keystone Press
13, 14—Drawings by Ajay
16—Drawings by Walter Ferguson
21—Topical Press
22, 23—Evan Peskin
24—Foto Lerner
25—Associated Press, James Caraway
26—Bob Tamaska, William L. Van Allen, Associated Press
28—Edward Stein
29, 30—Drawings by Ajay
31—George Burns
38—top, drawing by James Caraway
42—Bob Landry
43—Fairchild Publications, Inc.; Underwood & Underwood
44—Drawing by Fred Brenner, Ronny Jaques, Christa, Topical Press
45—bottom, Arnold Eagle-FORTUNE
46, 47—Drawings by James Caraway
48, 49—bottom, United Press, courtesy Brunswick Balke Collender Co., The Cleveland Kegler (5)
53—United Press
55—United Press, Associated Press, United Press (2)
58—Frank H. Fisse, Automobile Manufacturers Assn.
59—Associated Press
60—Foto Expressen
65—George Silk-LIFE, Hy Peskin
66—Ed Grady-International
73—Drawing by Walter Ferguson
77, 78—United Press
79—Ronald E. Stroud, Phil Stearns
80—Ralph Morse-LIFE, Sue Greenberg