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4—Jerry Heiman, National Outboard Association, Official Marine Corps Photo, United Press Camera Clix
5—James C. Ward-Boston Sunday Post
6—Ed Pierce, Wide World
12—Associated Press, Cal-Pictures
13—Mark Kauffman
14, 15, 16—Drawings by Ajay
21, 22—Coles Phinizy
23—Coles Phinizy, Philadelphia Inquirer
25—courtesy Jamaica Race Track
26—St. Louis Post-Dispatch
27—middle, Tommy Lee
29—John Crane-TIME
32—Sue Greenberg
40, 41—from The Theodore Roosevelt Collection in the Harvard College Library, Brown Brothers
42—top, Bettmann Archive
45—Underwood & Underwood
48—Kaiden-Kazanjian Studios
49—Culver Service
52—Arthur Shay
53—Herb Scharfman-International, Associated Press, United Press, Associated Press
60—Herb Orth
64—United Press, Associated Press
70—courtesy Centre College
71—Louisville Courier-Journal
72—drawings by Arthur Singer
74—Ed Wotjas; bottom right, Sue Greenberg
75—courtesy of Philadelphia Museum of Art, Walter M. Faust
76—Underwood & Underwood; bottom, Kenneth R. Anderson