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With rough, resourceful backs to carry the ball and a light, fast line to keep the enemy honest, Oklahoma has won 16 games in a row—longest streak in major college football

The dramatic photos on the following pages provide a close-up of Oklahoma's formula for victory. The ingredients: backs like Bob Herndon (right), who plunged across for the final score in Oklahoma's 27-13 win over California, and rawboned linemen (following pages) with the speed to out-hustle heavier opposition. Smoothly integrated by Coach Bud Wilkinson, the Sooners have won seven straight games so far this year, the latest a 40-0 pasting of Iowa State last Saturday.

Their performance has surprised no one. One of Herman Hickman's 11 Elevens and rated first in the U.S. by the A.P. writers' pre-season poll, Oklahoma had six first-string holdovers from last year's team that wound up the season by drubbing Maryland, the national champions, 7-0, in the Orange Bowl. This year they have scored 201 points while holding the opposition to only 42, and with three games left on the schedule are aiming to end the season as they began—as the nation's top-ranking football team.

Oklahoma's white-jerseyed linemen, charging hard, break through to trap and spill California's famed

Quarterback Paul Larson, spinning him back so that he seems to be running in the wrong direction

End Timberlake drives for pass gain in game which losing California called "good experience"