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High school footballers in Danbury—and thousands of other towns—bask under admiration from pretty coeds

This weekend in Danbury, Conn. and towns like it all over the country, some 550,000 boys will tug on football suits for the big game. For the boys, their coaches and rooters (following pages), there have been months of hard work and excitement. This week's game will bring new triumphs to some, small disappointments to others. But for winner and loser alike, the football weeks have also brought a season of good fun.

To be a high school hero, a boy must fight his way up through scores of eager candidates, including some of the stars of last year's games. Here Wally Parkhurst, beefy line coach for the junior varsity, puts players through stiff signal drill

Cheerleader must have pretty face, leather lungs. Pert Jeanie Grolljahn, cheerleaders' co-captain, exercises both in Danbury's staccato "Hey What!" yell

All hands practice for big game. Cheerleaders warm up for free-wheeling "Danbury High School Football Boys," while boys themselves (background) walk through assignments

Even the freshman manager gets into the act at Danbury. Roly-poly Dick Chuvala (right) adds some heft to charging machine as Coach Ed (Copper) Crotty gives a hand to charging linemen

Red-haired Head Coach Crotty shows eager bench warmer the quickest way to opponent's goal line

Cheerleaders, sporting orange Danbury "D," whoop it up with a "Push 'Em Back," autumn's universal yell of encouragement for hard-pressed defense

Pretty rooters, completely caught up by the excitement of the game, jump to their feet for a crucial play