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So chorused 3,325 fight fans in Madison Square Garden last week in scornful reaction to the match between Light Heavyweights Floyd Patterson (left) and Jimmy Slade (recumbent). The bout began as if the 19-year-old Patterson had taken to heart and fist all the harsh words said about the fight game lately. Early in the first round he dropped Slade for a count of eight, felled him four more times in the eight rounds to win an easy decision, while the usually able Slade ran for dear life when he was not falling into a clinch. One onlooker who did not join in the chorus was Robert K. Christenberry, Athletic Commission boss. He held up Slade's purse for 72 hours, until convinced by Slade he had done his best. For other sweetheart scenes of the week, see opposite page.

Don Cockell, beefy British heavyweight, rubbed noses with one of his prize pigs, Sally the Sow, while doing chores around his farm in Sussex. British Empire heavyweight champion, Cockell is one of the leading contenders for Rocky Marciano's crown.

Kinvarra Deacon Malone, champion setter, gave three-year-old Aaron Baer of West Hempstead, N.Y. an affectionate nuzzle on meeting in pet shop. Ch. Malone, an occasional television performer, will compete in Brooklyn Kennel Club show next month.

Mrs. Barbara Thurston embraced huge marlin caught off Oahu, T.H. by George Parker. Confusion arose over whether the 1,002-pound fish was striped, black or silver marlin, meant the difference between a world's record or just another big fish.


Joni Pearce, a member of an ice-show company, turned up on the outdoor rink at Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, did a series of early-season fancy turns, helped to launch one of the winter's most popular participant and spectator sports.

Jimmy Carter hammered game Paddy DeMarco to floor for the count of four in ninth round of nationally televised fight at San Francisco Cow Palace, and scored a TKO in 15th round to win back lightweight title which DeMarco took from him last March. Outclassed by the hard-hitting, clever-boxing Carter, DeMarco gave millions of viewers a fine show, refusing to quit while taking terrific beating, including another knockdown.

Mark Trailer, a two-year-old German short-haired pointer, hurdled a fence in a field near Chicago while tenderly carrying in his mouth a pheasant which had just been shot down as the Illinois season opened. Despite his prodigious leap, Mark Trailer performed in the best bird-dog tradition; he failed to leave any marks on the bird he brought in.