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Herewith a salute from the editors to men and women of all ages who have fairly earned the good opinion of the world of sport, regardless of whether they have yet earned its tallest headlines

Joe Tomlin runs a prosperous auto-waxing business in Philadelphia, but America's kids remember him best as the founder of midget league football. The idea for equal competition among little fellows occurred to Tomlin 25 years ago after seeing the gross mismatches brought about by sandlot football. Today Tomlin's idea has grown to 258 community leagues from coast to coast for football players under 13 years in age and 100 pounds in weight.

Lucille Chambliss caught pistol fever 13 years ago when her father let her use a box of old .22 caliber shells on his target range near Winter Haven, Fla. Now 24, the pretty redhead is women's national champion and holds a string of lesser titles. Lucille is the only woman ever to make the U.S. international pistol team. When not shooting she rides her two Palominos, has won several awards in local competition.

Debby Lee of Palo Alto, Calif. was introduced to swimming when she was four and didn't like it a bit. But once she got over her first fright, Debby improved rapidly. Now just turned seven, Debby has been swimming in competition for only a year, has already won eight medals and established a Pacific AAU record for six-year-olds.

Jerry Lee Peck (left) and Brian Maynard are a couple of imaginative five-year-olds from south of Grand Rapids, Mich. They came home from school one day and decided to go "hunting" with a toy shotgun and Jerry's pet cocker, Mitzi. Two hours later the moppets returned with a bewildered live pheasant which they insisted they "shot" out of a tree. Trouble was, the toy gun didn't even work. The boys are still sticking to their story, but Jerry's father found an infection under the bird's wing, now thinks the pheasant became frightened, tried to fly and fell to earth, where Mitzi caught it. Jerry has "hunted" almost every day since, with no luck.