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1—Drawings by Gerry Gersten
2—top, Jack Morris, international
3—James E. Leasure Jr.-LIFE, Associated Press
6—Conerly photo from International
10—Walter Daran
11—Arthur Siegel
12—Associated Press
14—International, United Press, International
15, 16—Arthur Siegel
21—International, Mack Hughes, no credit, Laughhead Photographers, International
22—Phil Bath, Arthur Shay
23, 24—drawings by Ajay
25-28—Hans Knopf-Pix
30—Ron Kean-LIFE, Max Peter Haas
31—Laurie Richards-LIFE
32—United Press, Mark Kauffman
46—International (2), Associated Press
46-48—Drawings by Leslie Jacobs
50—Drawings by James Caraway
52—The Bettmann Archive
57—Werner Bischof-LIFE
58, 59—Drawings by Jan Balet
60, 61—Frans Stoppelman-Pix
62—Carl Mydans-LIFE
63—Laurie Richards-LIFE
64, 65—Verner Reed
66—Jimmy Tafoya-Detroit Free Press
67—Roy Stevens-TIME
68—George Silk-LIFE
74—European, Associated Press
75—Keystone Press, Gilloon Agency, Associated Press
77—Culver Service
78—Drawing from the Collection of Jere Abbott, courtesy Margaret Brown Gallery
80—Courtesy Yale University Art Gallery, The Mabel Brady Garvan Collection