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Original Issue


1—Gene Pyle
2—top right, A.P.
3—bottom, A.P.
6—Frederick A. Meyer, D. M. Logan, Cerro-Vera
7—top, I.N.P.
18, 19—Ed Fisher and Jerry Greenberg (2), Combine, European
20—A.P., I.N.P., U.P.
21-24—Ylla from Rapho-Guillumette
25-27—drawings by Ajay
32—Mark Kauffman
33—Mark Kauffman except bottom left, ¬© Arnold Newman
36—Mark Kauffman
37—Wide World
39—I.N.P. except top middle, U.P.
43—U.P., drawings by Tony Ravielli
44—Morris Rosenfeld
52, 53—Robert Halmi
54—Ray Philbrick
56-Blank & Stoller, Ltd.
60—George Silk-LIFE
65—drawings by Leslie Jacobs
66—Adam Ooms
68—top, text ¬© 1954 Don Sauers, drawings ¬© 1954 Eldon Dedini; bottom right, The Bettmann Archive