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It takes more art than artifice to reshape what's seashape. Here are seven new ways

Beaches are going to look different in 1955. The full-blown American bathing beauty, whose favorite swim suit in 1954 was a candy-striped cotton bloomer, will this year be as compressed as a long-stemmed rosebud. Bathing suit designers from New York to California, following the Paris edict against busts and hips, have contrived a number of new ways to control them. By lengthening the torso and rounding out the curves with the new knitted and lightly boned striped swim suits such designers as Carolyn Schnurer, Claire McCardell, Rose Marie Reid have changed America's goddess from a Venus to a Diana. The American male can take a look at the shape of his future on these four pages in photographs made at the Beverly Hills pool of Mr. Philip Ilsley.

Slim and tall in the California sun, Rita Aarons displays Rose Marie Reid's new striped lastex bathing suit, boned from bust to hip ($19.95).

The most advanced bathing suits seen at America's resorts this winter and next summer will be these striped knits. Two-piece wool and lastex striped suit worn by Lois Langley is by Isabel Dobson of Cabana ($15). Tyrolean straw beach hat by Bill Hawes ($8.50).

Even two-piece suits, due for a comeback, have a new shape. This striped knit by Tom Brigance, worn here by model JoAnne Aehle, is barest suit he ever made, has bandeau-type bra (about $23).

This high-top knitted suit by Claire McCardell features strategically spaced blue and red stripes ($29.95). With it, Jimmy Mitchell wears Bill Hawes's Buster Brown beach hat ($8.50). Striped suits and straw accessories show Riviera influence.

Joan Bundy gets hair-drying from Ralph Davidson after swim in Carolyn Schnurer's knit suit with strap down the center back (about $18). Davidson's Matellot shirt is from Bill Riley's, Beverly Hills ($6.95); his orange trunks by Jantzen ($4.95).

Jimmy Mitchell's red wool knitted bathing suit has one shoulder strap, is from Greta Plattry's Greek collection ($19.95). JoAnne Aehle's tank-top knitted suit has striped front panel, deep V-neckline, recalls Gertrude Ederle's day. By Catalina ($17.95).