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The Question: Dr. Lewis W. Jones, Rutgers University president, suggests that football coaches sit in the stands during a game and leave the players in full charge. What do you think?

SHERRY ROBBINS, Davenport, la.
Airlines stewardess
"That appeals to me because I love amateur football. When it becomes big time, it loses a lot of interest. With the coaches in the stands, the game would be a greater challenge for the boys. And it would be more exciting to the fans. They'd see more color, more imagination."

JAMES C. HAGERTY, Washington, D.C.
Press secretary to President Eisenhower
"It's not good. In addition to proper training, college players need the leadership of their coaches. May-be football would be brought down to the campus level if coaches were required to watch the games from the stands. But such an innovation would also kill much of the interest."

Chemical engineer
"Dr. Jones's suggestion, if adopted, will give the game back to the boys who play it. As it is, they are little more than 'Charlie McCarthies.' All the experts and some educators insist that football is a great developer of initiative, imagination and sportsmanship. Why not let it work that way?"

GENE TUNNEY, Stamford, Conn.
Undefeated heavyweight champion
"Dr. Jones's statement surprises me. I'm sure he must have intended it in the light of an experiment. But after the experiment he would probably agree that a team without a coach is like a ship without a captain. Even worse, it would be like a university without a president."

DOUGLAS MODE, Midland, Mich.
"Dr. Jones's suggestion would do more harm than good. A I coach is 'mother' to v his team. He must be with the boys to lead and protect them. Turning the direction of the game over to the players would result in inferior football. That, in turn, would lessen the revenue which supports college sports."

FRANK S. HOGAN, New York, N.Y.
District attorney
"Excellent. I have watched Lou Little at every drubbing Columbia took this year. Poor guy. The agony in his expressions! I'm concerned about Lou. We want him around. As past president of the Columbia Alumni Assn., I suggest he shouldn't even sit in the stands. He should take the day off."

Football writer
"Another impractical suggestion by an educator. As long as football is honorably conducted, I am opposed to the current moves toward de-emphasis. This great college game occupies a definite and useful place in American life. It should be encouraged rather than sabotaged by well-meaning people."

Secretary of State
"I wholeheartedly approve. Actually, this would be a greater test of a coach's ability and his influence on the boys. Letting them play and mastermind the game would not only demonstrate the coach's influence, but it would show how good the boys are and how much imagination they possess."