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1—Bob Mordane-St. Petersburg Times, University of North Carolina
5—Roberts photo by Ralph K. Lawrence
15—Henri Cartier-Bresson from Magnum
16-18—drawings by Ajay
19—Robert Halmi
20—Carroll Seghers II from Black Star
21—Omri Behr, Oxford
25—International, N.Y. Daily News from Gilloon
26—bottom, Eddy Hawerlander
28—photo by Bill Briner from Modern Ski Systems by Hans Georg, Hastings House
29—Joern Gerdts
30—Ron De Rosa-Seattle Times, O. Wallace Kosteler-Deseret News and Telegram, Joseph J. Lucas, Jr., Gillsater Reportage
33—Josef Muench-F.P.G.
37—top, Fairchild Publications Inc.
43—Arthur Siegel
44—The Trentonian
46-48—Hy Peskin
49—top right, Niels Lauritzen for Milwaukee Journal
50—Richard Meek
52—Richard Dean
54—Hy Peskin
55-58—Erich Lessing from Magnum
65—Murray Garrett-Graphic House, drawings by Anthony Ravielli
67—left, International
68—Mark Kauffman