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Original Issue


A late roundup of snow conditions in America from a picked group of local skiers

NS=new snow; PO=powder; PP=packed powder; HP=hard-packed snow; HB=hard base; GR=granular; FG=frozen granular; CO=corn snow; BC=breakable crust; UC=unbreakable crust; W=wet; IC=icy condition; BS=bare spots; DC=dangerous condition; CL=trail or slope closed.


The Eastern areas are hoping for new snow following recent cold wave, while Western resorts continue to report good-to-excellent conditions

NEW ENGLAND: FRANCONIA, N.H.: 1 PO on 4-40 HB with conditions consistently good. Temps, ranged from 20 below to 22 above.

NORTH CONWAY, N.H.: Skiing has been scratchy due to GR surface on 7-10 HB with some IC. Gibson Trophy race scheduled here for Feb. 6.

STOWE, VT.: 1 PO on 28-40 HB. Some NS would certainly help. Average temp, last week was 3 below.

MAD RIVER GLEN, VT.: 2 PP on 30-48 HP with occasional icy spots. N.Y. City Ski Council interclub race planned for Feb. 5-6.

BIG BROMLEY, VT.: Weekend attendance mark was shattered again as some 6,000 schussed over 3 PP on 7-20 HB. Waiting time on the lifts hit 20 minutes.

BERKSHIRE MTS., MASS.: Jiminy Peak has been going for two weekends with 3-10 FG and some PP. NS would be appreciated. Otis Ridge needs at least 4 PO. So does Catamount.

NEW YORK: BELLEAYRE: 2 PP on 5-10. Skiing is fair to good, with 10-20 minute wait for lifts. New gross receipts record set last Sat. by crowds of 3,700.

WHITEFACE MT.: They're having a real old-fashioned winter up here, plenty of snow and cold. 10 HP on lower level.

TURIN: 4 PO on 18. February is usually the big month in this area.

QUEBEC: LAC BEAUPORT: 1 PO on maximum; 42 HB. Over 600 ice monuments ready for winter carnival parade. Feb. 5.

MONT TREMBLANT: PO surface on 31-50 HB. The skiing here has been good to excellent most of the winter. Ryan Cup race scheduled for Feb. 6.

PENNSYLVANIA: LIGONIER: Laurel Mt. has had its best season ever, and this week is no exception: 6-14 new PO on 2-10 base. Recent temps, zero to 15 above.

MIDWEST: BOYNE MT., MICH.: 4-8 PP plus 3-4 NS on 8-10 HB—the best snow conditions since 1948. Vacationing collegians helped weekend attendance hit 1,100.

TERRY PEAK, so. DAK.: 2-3 NS has arrived almost daily. Base is now 36-48 and skiing rates excellent. Recent temps, have been mild.

ROCKY MTS.: BKRTHOUD PASS, COLO.: Trails are smooth thanks to 10 NS (skied down to 5 PP in some places) over 20-26 HB. Highways clear.

ASPEN, COLO.: Roads from Denver are icy. All trails PP on 18-30, no lift lines.

SUN VALLEY, IDAHO: Base totals are down to 28 atop Baldy, 10 on valley floor. Some NS would be welcome indeed.

ALTA, UTAH: Skiing is near-perfect thanks to 9 light PO on 70-79 HB. Waiting time for lift runs 15 min. Young snow bunnies have been packing the lower slopes every weekend; and experts escape into upper trails.

SANTA FE, N.MEX.: 6 old PO on 24, temps. 20-45. Open slopes have been fair to good.

WHITEFISH, MONT.: Old snow has settled to 36-40 PB with 1-2 NS surface.

JACKSON, WYO.: Skiers here are all smiles thanks to 12-20 dry PP. Roads open but drivers should bring auto chains just in case.

NORTHWEST: GROUSE MT., BRITISH COLUMBIA: Rain—skiers' No. 1 enemy—fell last week, icing trails. 3 W on frozen base with totals from 65 to 90. Substantial wait for lifts on ski-school Saturdays.

MT. BAKER. WASH.: Fast, W and BC surfaces have separated the men from the boys. Skiing is only fair due to W heavy snow on 91 HP base. IC on access roads.

STEVENS PASS, WASH.: 65 total but no NS. Best skiing is under the chair lift.

MT. HOOD, ORE.: Needed for good skiing—2 NS to go with 97 base. Trails from Timberline to Govt. Camp icy with ruts, not for beginners. Latter has no NS, 50 base.

FAR WEST: SQUAW VALLEY, CALIF.: 60-108 HP. Skiing here has been excellent most of the winter. Daytime temps. 45-60. Crowd last weekend hit 3,500, but no wait for lifts.

SNOW VALLEY, CALIF.: North slope IC, south slope is mushy but not too bad. Base 48 HP.

RENO, NEV.: Ski conditions still tops. 2 PO over 48 PP in lower areas, 72 HB on upper.

MT. BALDY, CALIF.: 36-48 PP in the sheltered bowls. Traffic jams on access roads seem to have cleared. Sight-seers still outnumber the skiers but there are plenty of the latter, causing 20 min. weekend wait for upper lift.