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The Question: How much should a wife indulge her husband's love for sports?

ZSA ZSA GABOR, Hollywood, Calif.
Movie actress
"A smart wife gives her husband a free rein. Men rebel when the shackles are too tight. When men are hunting, fishing or flying, they'll wonder what their wives are doing. But a husband shouldn't drown himself fishing, shoot himself hunting or kill himself flying. A good man is hard to find."

FRANK M. MURPHY, Long Island, N.Y.
"My wife tells me that I'm welcome to indulge in any sport at any time in which women are not included. Outdoor sports are okay. Bluntly, she'd rather have me with men when we're not together. She's no different from other wives. Most of my male friends have the same complaint."

Rockville Centre, N.Y.
"She should never stand in his way. Sports delay the middle-aged spread. My husband is an ex-athlete. I had to choose between becoming a golf widow or learning golf. Today we belong to a country club. He has broken 80 in tournaments. I do okay in women's matches."

CHARLES ATLAS, Point Lookout, N.Y.
"The Strongest Man in the World"
"No wife will object to her husband taking long walks, exercising in the gym or going to some afternoon sports event. But golf is different. It's the most selfish sport in the world. No wife should ever permit it. And only the most inconsiderate husband would play golf regularly."

Battle Creek, Mich.
"Very little. The men can't fool us. Take those two husbands who went ice fishing. They almost froze. So they went to the hotel and did a lot of drinking with the women there. Then they bought fish to show their wives back home. Think of wasting all that money on 'fake' fish!"

"Are you crazy? She should have no say. I like to fish. I've fished from bridges all night, sometimes in the driving rain, and I've gone out to my shoulders when I've been surf casting for striped bass. My wife calls this moronic. She goes frantic trying to give the fish away to the neighbors."

MRS. REUELL ELTON, Chevy Chase, Md.
"Let him go any time he wants to. My husband is a football fan. He insisted on my going to the Harvard-Yale game. I got as far as New York and reneged. When he picked me up on the way back, I had spent $250 for new clothes. And he said the game was lousy—underdog Harvard won."

SAM SAMPSON, Hewlett, N.Y.
President, Swank, Inc.
"My wife doesn't interfere. I play golf, but she doesn't like to tag along. I go fishing in my cruiser, but she doesn't like fishing. She has never interfered with anything I enjoy. She is anxious that I engage in sports that are good for me. There's no suspicion of other women, not at my age."

Dominican Republic Diplomat
"A wife who loves and trusts her husband will want him to engage in every sport he likes. She will even share some with him. She won't spend most of the day in bed while he plays polo. If she doesn't trust him, thoughts of other women will always be in her mind. Then he has to lie a bit."

MRS. MARGIE USHER, Los Angeles, Calif.
"It's the husband who shouldn't be unreasonable. My husband was nuts about duck shooting. He'd squeeze me into a tiny boat on cold winter mornings and row into the reeds. Know what happened? We're divorced. I married another man who hates ducks, even as an entree."

MARY CRONDICE, Samoa Islands
"Queen of Samoa"
"It's not the wife's business. The man is king. In the U.S. the king has abdicated. He doesn't dare do anything without asking his wife's permission. So she lives longer and owns about 70% of the wealth. If he were king and kept up his sports, he'd live longer and own the money he earns."




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