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Cover—Ylla from Rapho-Guillumette
2—right, Odhams Press
6—drawing by Leslie Jacobs
12, 13—Mark Kauffman, Richard Meek, Hy Peskin, Mark Kauffman (2)
14, 15—David Potts (2), FPG, Combine Photos
16—Carroll Seghers II from Black Star, Bill Swartz
17—United Press
18—Hugh Stovall
19-21—drawings by Ajay
23-25—Richard Meek, except p. 23, top right, p. 24, bottom right, p. 25, bottom left by Roy Pinney
30—bottom, from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, May 26, 1877
31—Ylla from Rapho-Guillumette, Evelyn Shafer
32, 33—Elliott Erwitt-Magnum, drawing by Mary Suzuki
34—Murray Garrett-Graphic House, drawings by Anthony Ravielli
35-38—Fenno Jacobs-Scope
40, 43—George Burns
41—Arthur J. Teller
42—Wide World
44—Pierre Boulat
48-51—William Sumits-LIFE
50—drawing by Matt Greene
53—Ernest E. Reshovsky
54—Phil Bath
55—Ed Nano
57—Associated Press
64—Robert Phillips from Black Star
68—from the collection of H.W. Uhle II (3), Fairchild Publications, Inc.