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A late roundup of snow conditions in America from a picked group of local skiers

NS= new snow; PO = powder; PP= packed powder; HP=hard-packed snow; HB=hard base; GR=granular; FG=frozen granular; CO=corn snow; BC = breakable crust; UC=unbreakable crust; W=wet; IC=icy condition; BS=bare spots; DC=dangerous condition; CL=trail or slope closed.


Snow totals continue to soar in the Western areas, as skiing rates good or better. Rapid temperature changes have caused varied conditions in East

FAR WEST: MT. BALDY, CALIF.: Winds have pealed the ridges and dumped snow into the bowls. Base is 30-40 HP. Crowd of 3,500 last weekend caused 18-minute wait on lifts.

SUGAR BOWL, CALIF.: 9 NS last week now is PP over maximum 96 HB. All trails rated excellent.

SQUAW VALLEY, CALIF.: Skiing at Squaw could not be much better than it has been this winter. Cover now is 60-108 HP, all trails excellent, weather sunny and daytime temps. 30-60.

RENO, NEV.: 2 PO on 48-72 HB. University of Nevada winter carnival comes off Feb. 11-13, with Denver favorite to win competitions.

NORTHWEST: MT. HOOD, ORE.: Rain has been a threat here. 4 NS, W and heavy, on 106 with 3 W on 54 at Govt. Camp. Chair lift running Wed. through Sun., Multorpor Thurs.-Sat.-Sun., Skyway every day.

MT. BAKER, WASH.: Dry PO has restored excellent conditions. 22 PP over 87 HP. Experts' Chute now skiable and very fast. Crowds have been moderate with no waiting lines.

SNOQUALMIE PASS, WASH.: 4 NS on 79 base. Some trails may have sticky surfaces, and the upper runs can be tricky for nonexperts.

GROUSE MT., BRITISH COLUMBIA: Area recovered from recent thaw with 10-11 dry PO. Base is 50-75 and heavy. Temp. range, 25-33.

ROCKY MTS.: ALTA, UTAH: For the past five weeks it has snowed every Tuesday, the day the University of Utah holds classes here. Plenty of snow on other days too, and there now is an 18 light PO surface on a 70 HP base with conditions just about perfect.

ASPEN, COLO.: Waiting time for the lifts has been running about 10 minutes. The wait is worth it, however, with 3 NS over 20-40 HB, and all trails excellent. Watch IC on roads.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLO.: 8-12 PO on 24-38 HB. 42nd annual winter carnival, Feb. 12-13, should have best snow in several years.

SANTA FE, N. MEX.: A moderate snow storm scared away the crowd last weekend. Skiing on open slopes and trails is fine, thanks to 10 NS.

BANFF, ALBERTA: This is one of few major ski areas in North America now short on snow. Skiing is none to poor.

WHITEFISH, MONT.: 7-9 NS on 36-40 packed, with trails rated excellent. Snow treads or chains a must for motorists.

MIDWEST: TERRY PEAK, S.D.: Area has had recurring falls of 2-3 PO over a 24-30 base. Skiing excellent.

RIB MT., WIS.: 2 PO on 9 HP base has provided best skiing of the winter. College crowds are giving the area heavy play on weekends.

ISHPEMING, MICH.: 8 PO on 12 base and skiing is excellent.

BOYNE MT., MICH.: Conditions fast and good with 8-24 PP on 4 HB. Michigan intercollegiate championships scheduled for Feb. 12-13.

PENNSYLVANIA: LIGONIER: 4-10 PO on 4-15 base. Skiing good on all slopes.

NEW YORK: BELLEAYRE: W surface on 5-10 base. Last Saturday had best crowd of season, but rain chased crowds away Sunday.

TURIN: This resort is having its most prosperous winter, thanks to good snow—4 NS on 23 base at present—and the new state thruway which has made Turin far more accessible to skiers.

LAKE PLACID: 3 PO on 20-40 HB. Canadian and American girls scheduled to race for Kate Smith Trophy, Feb. 11-13.

QUEBEC: MT. TREMBLANT: 2-3 NS needed to bury last rocks on the Sissy Schuss and provide a PO topping for 30-51 HB. Skiing is good over-all.

LAC BEAUPORT: 3 fluffy PO over 40 base. Skiing is fine, roads are clear, temps. 10 above.

NEW ENGLAND: BIG BROMLEY, VT.: 2 PO On 7-25 HB. Temp, range last week was from 16 below to 34 above.

MT. SNOW, VT.: PP on 10-30 totals. Area is now in its third month of continuous skiing.

MAD RIVER GLEN, VT. : Two-week cold wave broke with snowfall of 3 NS over 20-48 HP base. Skiing rates good to excellent on all trails.

STOWE, VT.: 1 PO on 29-40 HB. Big crowds have caused up to 30-minute wait for lifts.

FRANCONIA, N.H.: Skiers welcomed 5 fresh PO for 4-40 base. Conditions are good-excellent.

NORTH CONWAY, N.H.: FG mixed with NS on surface over 7-10 base. Some NS would be very welcome.

BELKNAP, N.H.: NS over 2-10 HB. Last Saturday's crowd was the largest in the area's history.

BERKSHIRE MTS., MASS.: Rain and recent thaws cut into the thin cover at Jiminy Peak and Otis Ridge. More NS needed to restore good skiing.