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1—Ralph Camping
4—drawings by Rudi Bass
6—David Zeitlin
12—Fred Lyon from Rapho-Guillumette
13—top, University of Utah, William R. Whitteker, United Press, Bennie Granger; center, Bob Bailey, International
14—John Zimmerman
15—Robert Halmi
16, 17—top and center, Ed Wojtas, bottom, Cliff McWilliams-Wheeling News-Register
18—United Press
23—25—drawings by Ajay
36—top, Associated Press; right, from Phil Burchman
38—Max Peter Haas
40, 41, 52—Jerry Cooke except 40 right, Culver Service
47—Arthur Shay, drawings by Anthony Ravielli
48—Associated Press
50—Mark Kauffman
51—United Press
59—Underwood & Underwood
61—Wide World, Harris & Ewing
63—right, United Press