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A digest of last-minute reports from fishermen and other unreliable sources


FG=fishing good; FF=fishing fair; FP=fishing poor.
OG=outlook good; OP=outlook poor.

BLACK BASS: FLORIDA: Largemouths are still moody in most northwest Florida waters but warmer weather should perk them up; FG at Lake Talquin with dry flies, popper bugs or shallow-running spin lure. FF and improving in central section; OG at small lakes in Lakeland-Winter Haven area. Little Lake Harris produced limits to 5 pounds on live shiners last week and OG. Gene Horn of Hialeah hauled 10-pound 13-ounce bigmouth from Tamiami Canal last week while plug casting; because of red-hot fishing, wardens are patrolling the Canal warning of catch limit (eight bass) and nabbing violators; OG through next two weeks.

NORTH CAROLINA: Bass fishing has started in Nags Head freshwater ponds and Dare County lakes with live bait best and fish averaging¾ pound.

MISSOURI: Lake Clearwater high but clear despite recent rain; FG with live bait and OG but most bass are small. Lake Wappapello produced fair catches despite cold weather; OG.

LOUISIANA: Try Bayou Bartholomew (near Monroe) by the dark of the moon with popper plugs or cork bugs worked slow along shoreline and weedbeds. FG and OG in Bayou Desiard and Black Lake Bayou in same area; live shad get best results. In residential New Orleans, Bayou St. John has been providing sport and bass; try small spoon or shallow-running spinlure. Also in New Orleans area bass have been hungry and sassy in Churchill Farms lagoon back of Westwego and in Simoneaux, Dufrene's and Pleasure ponds off Highway 90 west of city.

TENNESSEE: FF on Norris Lake; local talent is taking bass to 5 pounds at creek mouths from Shoffner's dock on up to Lone Mountain; live bait is best, and OG. Sparta football coach Tom Brixey took 6½-pound smallmouth from Center Hill Lake last week (see Walleyed Pike).

CALIFORNIA: Havasu Lake (on Colorado River) produced an 8-pounder last week, and outlook is fair.

NEVADA: With warmer weather and lessened winds Lake Mead is starting to pay off; try live bait or deep-trolled plugs at gypsum beds above Boulder Canyon and Overton arm.

TROUT: NEVADA: Walker Lake trollers starting to take cutthroats to 13 pounds; this lake yielded record 14¾-pounder last year and season peak is due about March 15; OG.

PACIFIC SALMON: CALIFORNIA: Trollers are taking fair catches off Golden Gate but weather and water are too rough for comfort; OF.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: Winter springs continue to show in good numbers. Young silvers are providing lots of 10-fish limits on small spoons fished deep; most fish are well under 3 pounds.

WASHINGTON: FF and improving as Hood Canal is producing salmon to 21 pounds; Bremerton area reports FF, OF; Seal Rock and Bald Point are starting to produce, and OG.

WALLEYED PIKE: TENNESSEE: Center Hill Lake is producing giant walleyes and this water is certain to produce prize-winning heavyweights this year (but some biologists fear '55 walleye boom may turn to big bust in next few-years unless fish commission works to stabilize fish balance). Bob Bradley of Sparta soaked large minnow in this water last week and boated 17-pound 4-ounce walleye after 15-minute tussle; his brother Charles settled for place and show with 16- and 15-pounders.

WEAKFISH: FLORIDA: In Tampa area, try channels opposite radio tower on west approach to Gandy Bridge; use live shrimp or bottom-bumping nylon jig. Most sheltered spots in Tampa Bay are producing fair catches. Anclote River (Tarpon Springs) is lukewarm; try live shrimp near channel marker No. 43. Northwest coast spy says specs are starting to ease out onto flats east and west of lighthouse at St. Marks, and live shrimp should charm them. Trout are also showing in southern part of Biscayne Bay; in northern bay, try grass bed north of Baker's Haulover near marker No. 7, with live shrimp.

LOUISIANA: OG in Lake Pontchartrain and in Delacroix Island area.