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A late roundup of snow conditions in America from a picked group of local skiers

NS=new snow; PO=powder; PP=packed powder; HP=hard-packed snow; HB=hard base; GR=granular; FG=frozen granular; CO=corn snow; BC=breakable crust; UC=unbreakable crust; W=wet; IC=icy condition; BS=bare spots; DC=dangerous condition; CL=trail or slope closed.


Despite occasional snow shortages, the skiing outlook across the nation remains most favorable. A long spring season is forecast for the East

FAR WEST: RENO, NEV.: Base is now 25-55 HP, and NS would be welcome to refurbish the surface cover. Last weekend saw the season's largest crowd and first waiting line—5 to 15 minutes.

SQUAW VALLEY, CALIF.: 36-84 HP. Watch for IC below Tower 20. Some CO and GR on chair lift and Flying Saucer slopes. Lodge is again sold out for the upcoming weekend.

MT. BALDY, CALIF.: Base is 0-20 HP and IC, with increasing BS on upper slopes. Surfaces improve as sun softens base during the day. Wanted: a foot of NS.

SNOW VALLEY, CALIF.: Base is 12-20 and skiing has rated poor to fair.

NORTHWEST: SNOQUALMIE PASS, WASH.: No NS but base is 74 and skiing is good. Recent temp. ranges: 6° to 15°.

MT. BAKER, WASH.: 2-6 dry surface on 124 fast, settled old base. Austin Pass has a tricky ice base. All trails open and there is night skiing on Peanut Hill.

GROUSE MT., BRITISH COLUMBIA: Upper areas have 5 PO on 92 HB, with 3 PP on 68 HB for lower. Some IC on trails. New Blueberry Bowl open, with J bar lift now operating.

ROCKY MTS.: WHITEFISH, MONT.: 6 PO on 38 HB and skiing is good. However, snow cover generally is 24 below normal and NS would be welcome.

BANFF, ALBERTA: 2 NS on 14 HP. At least 12 NS needed for ideal skiing.

JACKSON, WYO.: 22 HP, and skiing conditions are best in years. Big attraction is high-mountain touring on an incredible 60 dry PO. Temps. 10°-35°.

ALTA, UTAH: 12 of the lightest PO in the world on 78 HP base. Germania area still gets most of the play, with 10-15-minute wait for lifts. Intermountain races scheduled for Feb. 26-27.

SANTA FE, N. MEX.: Up to 30 PO on 36 HB, and the skiing is just terrific. Recent temp. range has been from zero to 55°.

ASPEN, COL.: 26-30 NS on 30-60 HB has put all areas in superb shape. PP on main trails. Recent temp. range: 10 below to 20 above.

ESTES PARK, COL.: 4-8 PO on 6-36 HB. Free lessons are being offered to beginners. For those driving to the area, auto chains recommended.

ARAPAHOE, COL.: 15 NS with total now 46. Skiing is good to excellent with choice of PP or untracked PO on trails.

MIDWEST: TERRY PEAK, S.D.: 6-8 wind-packed NS on 36-40. Area now operating daily.

BOYNE MT., MICH.: Recent thaw and rain cut cover to 2-14 W base with BS.

RIB MT., WIS.: At least 3 NS needed to cover 6-8 HB. Rain followed by a freeze produced acres of IC and just about halted all skiing.

NEW YORK: WHITEFACE MT.: Lower level has 14 packed base, and skiing is good.

LAKE PLACID: 32-50 HP has produced some of the best skiing in years.

BELLEAYRE: 4 PP on 12 HB, skiing good.

QUEBEC: MT. TREMBLANT: 1-3 PO surface on 30-60 base. Skiing rates good or better, with all runs open except the upper Flying Mile and Ryans Run. Auto roads into the area are clear.

NEW ENGLAND: BERKSHIRE MTS.: For the first time in three years Jiminy Peak operated over Washington's Birthday weekend with 8 PP on a thin but solid base. Otis Ridge has up to 5 PP.

MT. SNOW, VT.: Area's snow depth goes up to 40 inches, with PP surfaces, no IC nor BS.

BIG BROMLEY, VT.: 2 GR on 11-30 total. Base is rock-hard, which may mean a long spring skiing season.

MAD RIVER GLEN, VT.: Since Feb. 8 area has had 35 inches of NS and wonderful skiing. Present conditions: PP surface on 30-60 HP base, with some CO when the sun shines.

STOWE, VT.: 1 GR on 28-42 base. Skiers on new Spruce Peak area stripped down to shirtsleeves as temperatures rose.

BELKNAP, N.H.: Biggest snowstorm of the winter produced 18 NS and some fine skiing. Total is 18-24 HP.

NORTH CONWAY, N.H.: PO surface on 18-28 base. Warm, sunny days brought first CO of the season and good to excellent skiing.

FRANCONIA, N.H.: Cannon Mt. now boasts the best over-all conditions in years, with 1-7 PO on 7-70 base. Cannon Trail is best bet, but you can't go wrong anywhere on the mountain.