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Original Issue


A late roundup of snow conditions in America from a picked group of local skiers

NS=new snow; PO=powder; PP=packed powder; HP=hard-packed snow; HB=hard base; GR=granular; FG=frozen granular; CO=corn snow; BC=breakable crust; UC=unbreakable crust; W=wet; IC=icy condition; BS=bare spots; DC=dangerous condition; CL=trail or slope closed.


Far West resorts welcomed a heavy snowstorm early this week. More snow would improve conditions in many Eastern and Midwest areas

NEW ENGLAND: NORTH CONWAY, N.H.: FG surface on 10-15 HB. Total for winter is three feet below norm, but cold weather has held snow and made for a successful season. Ski school attendance record broken twice last week.

JACKSON, N.H.: Black Mt. has 1 PO on 4-15 base, with skiing fair to good.

Franconia, N.H.: 6 NS will restore Cannon Mt. to top shape, following rain damage. Surface is 1 PO, base 4-5 FG with some BS.

BIG BROMLEY, VT.: 7-30 FG, with NS needed. Latest rage is spring skiing in Bermuda shorts. Eastern women's championships March 5-6.

PICO PEAK, VT.: 2 PO on 7-30 base, conditions good. Pico has had 93 skiing days to date, an all-time record for the area.

STOWE, VT.: 2 PO on 22-42 FG, fair to good. Weekend waiting lines run 15 minutes and up. Spruce Peak offers easy CO skiing enabling hackers to look like experts.

MT. SNOW, VT.: NS on up to 48 FG, skiing good.

MAD RIVER GLEN, VT.: 2 NS on 30-60, and more NS would be nice. National intercollegiate championships held here and at Northfield, Vt. on March 4-6.

BERKSHIRE MTS.: Recent rain and thaw hurt all areas. NS needed to re-open Jiminy Peak, Otis Ridge, Catamount, N.Y.

NEW YORK: TURIN: Area starts fourth month of skiing with 25 HB.

WHITEFACE MT.: Lower level has 12 FG with a few icy spots; skiing fair to good.

BELLEAYRE: 1-12 FG with W surfaces. Skiing is poor, with 3-4 NS needed, but the solid base is still intact.

QUEBEC: LAC BEAUPORT: 1 fluffy PO on 44 PP; recent temps. 10°-25°. Skiing good.

MT. TREMBLANT: Mild temperatures cut the base to 36-56, more than enough for continued fine skiing. Canadian Kandahar race March 5.

PENNSYLVANIA: LIGONIER: Rain and high temperatures ripped snow cover and caused BS.

MIDWEST: RIB MT., WIS.: 6 HB, with 3 NS needed for ideal conditions. Watch for IC on upper slopes.

TERRY PEAK, s. DAK.: Recurring light snow fall keeps PO on 36-40 base. Keeps skiers smiling, too.

SHELTERED VALLEY, WIS.: 1 GR on 8-12 HB. 3-4 NS would create magnificent conditions. Initial season here has been very successful.

BOYNE MT., MICH.: 2 NS on 2-14 HB, with icy spots. Mild temperatures prevail.

ROCKY MTS.: ALTA, UTAH: 24 fluffy PO atop 90 HP base, and the skiing is the greatest. Forest Service eliminating any avalanche danger with 75 mm. cannon blasts.

SUN VALLEY, IDAHO: 8-15 PO on 12-31 HP base. Up to 15 NS was welcome. Current Learn-to-Ski week has largest enrollment of winter. Skiing excellent.

SANTE FE, N. MEX.: 1 PO on maximum 48 HB. Powder surfaces have produced some of the winter's best skiing.

ASPEN, COL.: 4-5 NS on 20-60 base; skiing good. Lines for lifts running 15 minutes.

WINTER PARK, COL.: 4 PP on 26-38 HB, with the lower Hughes trail the best bet.

BANFF, ALTA.: 3 PP on 4 HP base; skiing best of season but still far from ideal.

NORTHWEST: GROUSE MT., B.C.: Skiing is near perfect, with Blueberry Bowl and Skyline the best. 7 PO on 70-95 HB, with recent temps. 18°-28°.

MT. BAKER, WASH.: Lucky locals claiming "world's finest skiing" now, with 20 light, dry PO on 119 HP base. Temp, range, 4°-15°. Auto chains recommended.

MT. HOOD, ORE.: Timberline Lodge, its chair-lift and tows closed by U.S. Forest Service since last week. Govt. Camp has 1 NS on 85 following three-day snowfall of 24 inches.

STEVENS PASS, WASH.: Traces of NS on 103 total. Skiing is good, but waiting time for lifts has run up to 30 minutes. Auto chains required.

FAR WEST: MT. BALDY, CALIF.: Long-awaited NS arrived at last in quantity. Totals now 12-32 and up, with skiing good or better.

SQUAW VALLEY, CALIF.: Heavy storm last weekend brought in 12-24 NS on 36-72 HB.

YOSEMITE, CALIF.: 36 PO on 90 total at Badger Pass, with skiing superb.

RENO, NEV.: Area needed NS and got it when over 36 new PO fell on 25-55 base. Latest snow-fall promises skiing through Easter.