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Original Issue


A late roundup of snow conditions in America from picked local skiers

NS=new snow; PO=powder; PP=packed powder; HP=hard packed snow; HB=hard base; GR=granular; FG=frozen granular; CO=corn snow; BC=breakable crust; UC= unbreakable crust; W=wet; IC=icy condition; BS=bare spots; DC=dangerous condition; CL=trail or slope closed.


Spring skiing conditions are now ideal at many areas, East and West

NEW ENGLAND: BLACK MT., N.H.: Hot sun and high temperatures have brought out the CO on a 7-25 base. Skiing is good.

NORTH CONWAY, N.H.: 2 FG on 12-20 HB. March business so far best in history.

FRANCONIA, N.H.: 2 PO on 2-60. 6 NS would restore trails to top condition.

STOWE, VT.: 3 PO surface with 31-54 base on Mansfield, 27-40 at Spruce Peak. Due to thawing, road conditions are rough.

MAD RIVER GLEN, VT.: Excellent skiing should continue no matter what the weather due to 35-55 HB with PO or GR surfaces.

BIG BROMLEY, VT.: Rain and high temperatures have brought BS and cut HB to 4-15. MT. SNOW, VT.: 36 HB should assure good spring skiing for another three weeks.

NEW YORK: TURIN: CO surface on 20 base. Skiing fair.

WHITEFACE MT.: 2 PO on icy base, 6 NS needed.

QUEBEC: LAC BEAUPORT: Spring skiing conditions with PO and GR surface on 45.

MONT TREMBLANT: GR surface on 30-62.

MIDWEST: RIB MT., wis.: Looks like the season is over with little snow left.

BOYNE MT., MICH.: 6-18 HP with IC and BS but skiing continues.

TERRY PEAK, so. DAK.: 6 NS on 12, skiing good, but season's end is in sight.

ROCKY MTS.: SUN VALLEY, IDAHO: 8 NS with 42-52 base on Baldy, 24 on Dollar.

ALTA, UTAH: 4 light PO on 94 HB. However, main runs lack PO surfaces due to heavy traffic. Skiing is very good.

ASPEN, COLO.: Good skiing with 25-56 base. All trails packed. Recent temps. 32.

SANTA FE, N. MEX.: CO on 24-48 base with temp, range 10-60. Skiing is good.

BANFF, ALBERTA: Surface is crusty, skiing only fair with spring temperatures.

NORTHWEST: MT. BAKER, WASH.: 14 dry PO on 238 base. Last week brought another deposit of 60 NS, assuring skiing until midsummer. Avalanche warnings posted.

MT. HOOD, ORE.: Timberline has 12 PO on 162. Lodge open last weekend for warming but no lodging or tow facilities. 8 PO on 142 at Govt. Camp.

FAR WEST: SQUAW VALLEY, CALIF.: CO on some trails with 36-84 PP base.

MT. BALDY, CALIF.: Skiing is fine with PO surface on 6-30 base.

RENO, NEV.: 30-55 HP base with conditions very good, high winds prevail.