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Locker room tableau at Seminole includes (standing left to right) Ronald Balcom, Palm Beach; Paul V. Shields, New York broker; E. B. McLean, Palm Beach; Henry Ford II, Detroit auto manufacturer; Tommy Armour, golf pro; Chris Dunphy, tournament chairman; George Rasmussen, Palm Beach. Seated are William G. Curran, Detroit; James Secor, Toledo; Webster Tilton, Cooperstown, N.Y.; Abram Nesbitt II, Dallas, Pa.; Tom Connors; and the incomparable Ben Hogan.

A golfer's dream is to have Ben Hogan or Sam Snead as a tournament partner. In the Latham R. Reed Amateur-Professional Tournament at the Seminole Golf Club, Palm Beach, Fla. the dream comes true. Seizing the opportunity this year were such figures as Henry Ford II, Robert R. Young, Woolworth Donahue and Dan Topping. Envious golfers unable to make it had a consolation: amateurs playing with the renowned Hogan and Snead finished behind team headed by powerful newcomer Mike Souchak.

Railroad tycoon Robert R. Young checks his score with Professional Gene Littler. Young holds a creditable 11 handicap.

Fancy pants featuring oriental figures and animals were worn by Amateur Tom Shevlin of Palm Beach. Shevlin, who has a handicap of eight, played with Professional Golfer Bo Wininger.

Plebeian meal of hot dogs refreshes Woolworth Donahue of New York and Palm Beach; Professional Craig Wood; Beverly Bogert, New York; Dan Topping of New York Yankees.