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Every year, just before Easter, Ivy League collegians head for a holiday in Bermuda. "College Week," which this year was a four-week celebration, is an outgrowth of traditional Rugby Week, which began in 1935 as an invitational tournament between collegiate teams and Bermuda locals. This year's celebration wound up with Rugby Week and a championship for Harvard University. College Week has also developed a continuous standing, sitting, kneeling, watching fraternal fashion show—on the coral beaches, on buzzing motor bikes, around the rugby matches on the BAA field. An estimated 4,800 students, dressed mainly in the uniform of Bermuda shorts, shirt, sweater and sneakers, this year gave a few clues to those minute changes which characterize college fashion. For 1955, college girls have taken up knitted wool bathing suits and hooded, sacklike beach shirts. College men are for madras swim trunks, slim cut and shorter than last year. Madras Bermuda shorts will be taken back to campuses as potential displacers of the favored khakis. And even in the land of the bargain-buy cashmere, collegiate favor was shifting to Shetland sweaters ($10) in charcoal shades and V-neck cable knit white tennis sweaters ($8).

Sunning suit of pleated white cotton, banded with rosy chintz, is worn by Linda Stearns, Garland Junior College, Boston, as she looks over college crowd at Elbow Beach.

Hooded shirt is "most daring thing" Smith student Sandra Van Fossen ever bought, is typical of knitted shirts college girls wore over bathing suits at Elbow Beach.

Knitted swim suits, worn by the Cassedy sisters, are suitable for both sunning and swimming. Jane (left), in navy and white suit, is college graduate. Lois, in gray suit, is Pembroke student.

Calfskin shorts are Sally McQuade's own choice for Bermuda bicycling and are, she says, becoming a fad at Smith. Bermuda bicycles with motors and hand brakes are the only motorized vehicles non-residents are allowed to drive.

At Rugby field Haddon Bowen of Pine Manor and Ron Roth of Dartmouth wear "the uniform"—Bermuda shorts and shirts. Haddon, the current Miss College Week in Bermuda, wears rugby jersey of Dartmouth's Bob Charmon (left).

Striped knitted suit with Strap down the back worn by Poppy Bingham of Smith has fashionable long-torso cut, is safe to wear in water. This is first year for strong collegiate support of knits.