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The Question: Where do you think your team will finish in the pennant race this year? (Asked of major league baseball managers)

BIRDIE TEBBETTS, Cincinnati Redlegs:
"The National League is too tough to pick. There's not a bad team in the league. We have power, defense—and experience. Our veteran pitchers could be solid starters. Kluszewski, Bell, Greengrass, Post and Jablonski swing big sticks. If our key players hold we should finish higher than last year."

CHARLEY GRIMM, Milwaukee Braves:
"We have as good a chance as anybody. With Bobby Thomson back we have more power and a stronger bench. Our pitching is still very good. We expect a great year from Hank Aaron and Catcher Crandall, who was handicapped by injuries last season. Over all, we're stronger in a wide open race."

FRED HANEY, Pittsburgh Pirates:
"We're still building. We now have a start on our foundation. Our main objective has always been first place. Since there are so many good teams in the National League it takes time to get there. Even if we don't get out of the cellar, this could be the best last-place team in the league's history."

HORACE STONEHAM, President of New York Giants:
"Leo Durocher does not like to predict a pennant race. To my knowledge, he never has done so. Personally I think we can win again. My club is at least as good as last year. But there's a tough fight ahead. Every club is improved. As an example, Pittsburgh finished second in the citrus league."

PAUL RICHARDS, Baltimore Orioles:
"We'll finish as high as we possibly can with our material. It will depend on the relative strength of our opponents. The Orioles are improved over last year. Success or failure might depend on the pitching. Our newcomers include Byrd, Miller, Palica and Moore. Their arms carry the answer."

STAN HACK, Chicago Cubs:
"I honestly can't predict. We're shooting for the first division. We have improved through trades and the addition of young players from our farm system. Our speed, power and infield are good. How well we'll do depends in part on how much the other seven clubs have bettered themselves."

WALTER ALSTON, Brooklyn Dodgers:
"Many experts have picked us to win the pennant. I'll go along with them. Spring training has solved most of my problems. The hitting and pitching are improved. Don Newcombe has returned to form. Podres is sound and we have Karl Spooner. The rest of the team will take care of itself."

MARTY MARION, Chicago White Sox:
"We can go all the way. Our offense has been strengthened by the addition of Dropo, Nieman, Brideweser and Courtney. Our defense is still the best in the league. It's been tops in the circuit for the last three years. Our pitching, which left little to be desired last year, is now stronger."

AL LOPEZ, Cleveland Indians:
"I think we should win again. We have the same club and we've added Ralph Kiner and Score. Kiner should give us added punch, and Score should strengthen our already superlative pitching staff. I don't think we'll 'lose four straight again if we play the Giants in the World Series."

CASEY STENGEL, New York Yankees:
"Our club should be a contender all the way. Berra, Howard and Silvera make a splendid catching staff. First, second and short are well fortified. With Andy Carey, a .300 hitter, we're strong at third. We have a truly great outfield, but the pitching staff is uncertain. If it comes through, we'll win."

EDDIE STANKY, St. Louis Cardinals:
"We can finish from first to sixth in a most evenly balanced league. With the addition of Rookies Ken Boyer and Bill Virdon this is the fastest and best defensive club I've managed. With players like Musial, Schoendienst, Moon and Repulski, we'll go as far as our pitching carries us."




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