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To prove how good-natured a Tennessee Walking Horse really is, the sponsors of the First Walking Horse Spring Festival at Nashville, Tenn. loaded one up with small fry and managed to get seven aboard plus the rider before running out of horse. Despite the heavy load, the horse, named Pistol Bill, went along with the fun but was glad of end support from Horse Show Manager Mike St. Charles and cap-wearing S. H. (Wacky) Arnolt, president of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders Association, who is more noted for the Arnolt-Bristol sports car.

The event was part of a junior clinic where, along with good horsemanship, kids learned that famous owners of Tennessee Walking Horses have included Abraham Lincoln and Gene Autry. But far more impressive to the kids was the fact that their current TV idol, Davy Crockett, rides a Tennessee Walking Horse in his Disneyland film adventures. Long famed for its "rocking chair" ride the walking horse is today as much in demand as ever.